They are tougher online

So I guess social media is preparing for Americas impending Second Civil War.

There is a hashtag #secondcivilwarletters.

It is quite the thing to read.

It is amazing just how tough so many on the Left think they are when they are behind a keyboard.

So some six million of American’s most ardent gun owners surrender to a bunch of kids who nap in Publix?

Antifa Supersoldiers?

First, let’s remember that white women voted more for Trump than Clinton, so I have a feeling that the Lysistrata plan would be less effective than she thinks.

Also, whenever I read about some famous guy getting busted for sexual assault, more often then not it’s a woke male feminist ally.

Always with the psychological projection.

C. Fontaine is an artist and poet from Massachusetts and I doubt has ever been to Kentucky.  I know some people from Kentucky.  That’s not how the Battle of Bowling Green will go.

That’s about the level of maturity I was expecting.

It’s a lot of mockery of people in MAGA hats being stupid and cowardly in battle by people whose only firearms experience is Call of Duty.

I don’t wear a MAGA hat, and I’m not going to fight for Trump.

I will fight to be left alone.  That is the one thing the Left just can’t seem to abide, a guy who just wants to be left alone and have every God damned thing turned into a political litmus test requiring absolute fealty.

So even though I’m not a MAGA hatter, I know they will lump me in with them.

I just want to be left alone, but shit like this makes yearn for shots to be fired.

Only because I know it will be over quickly.

The people who want to LARP revolution in their bandannas and Che shirts, armed with melee weapons and some miscellaneous guns are going to be in shock at the Battle of Bowling Green when they run into a bunch of guys who are used to taking shots at deer across a farm quarter.




7 Replies to “They are tougher online”

  1. “It is amazing just how tough so many on the Left think they are when they are behind a keyboard.”

    All sides have their keyboard commandos, but progtards do excel at showing an overall disconnect with reality and unwillingness to discuss anything that doesn’t match their group-think.

  2. “Lysistrata plan, is more effective than we originally anticipated.”

    Lysistrata plan is already in effect. It’s called MGTOW, and it’s why so many feminists are turning into cat ladies these days.

    I mean… that, and feminism itself encouraging women to stay off the market until after they don’t have anything to offer anymore.

  3. I take the opposite tack: I think the left is already fighting the civil war and guys like you and me aren’t. “It hasn’t gone hot yet”? No Shooting? What about the attack on the Republican baseball team? What about Antifa’s riots everywhere?

    Not exactly the same thing, but those protestors throwing spittle in Pam Bondi’s face, and taunting her boyfriend in an effort to get one of them to hit a protester are doing their best to make it look like the evil right wingers started the fighting.

    They’re fighting, we’re getting ready to see when the fighting starts.

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