Rage Against The Machine has always been a very Leftist pro-Communist band.

After selling 16 million albums and each band member amassing a net worth of $20-$25 million, they have become Rage Against The Common Man On Behalf Of The Machine.

Thats the mark of a true Communist.  Claim to fight for the common man then turning on the common man once the common man makes him rich/powerful/successful.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “They are truly Communists”
  1. RATM has always been posers, spouting rhetoric while happily raking in all the dinero from their half-assed punk/rap fusion albums.

  2. Jeesh. “I’m a victim so it’s okay if I kill someone” is not “settler logic.”

    As I understand it, “settler logic” is more along the lines of “I am taking this (land, wealth, etc.) because I can and I will kill you if you object.”

    Now, we can argue all day long whether or not the Europeans were justified in conquering much of the rest of the globe. But in a modern context, “settler” logic sounds more like “burning, looting and murdering.” Maybe I’m missing something.

  3. So the band supports Pedophiles.
    Why am i mot surprised.

    Chances are they have participated in that.
    Especially those underage groupies they are fond of

  4. Can someone explain to me how setting dumpsters on fire or burning a car lot is “fighting for racial justice”? Destroying things that don’t belong to you when you are angry is the behavior of naughty toddlers who need a nap. Adults who want to fight for social change find constructive ways to educate and implement changes that promote justice. I’m really tired of vandals being painted as heroes. They are people who just wanted to break and burn stuff randomly with no repercussions and feel righteous about it. They are incensed that a young man stood up to them and wasn’t punished when he defended himself against their attacks.

  5. Who they really are was unintentionally expressed a few years back when Tom Morello pulled a “don’t you know who I am!” on some door guy at a club.

  6. Is it wrong to hope when they are walking down the streert in LA, that someone smashes them in the back of the head with a rock, kicks them in the face, and/or smashes them over their sanctomonious head with a longboard skate board?

    In may not be Christian of me, but I really hope they are someday subject to the violent criminal behavior they unthinkingly excuse.

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