They don’t understand the giggling.

So the Opposition got itself a judge (Clinton appointee from Seattle)  to issue a temporary restraining order and somehow they are upset we are not pulling our hair.

I bet they swear the sharing of the files has been stopped and they are no longer available online. I mean, you could not find the blueprints of the Liberator 3D pistol in other sites like this humble blog, right?

And if you are of the old school, DIY, greasy hands type, you could be trading information, experience and parts in places like the forum at Weapons Guild. (Thanks Jerry!)

If you are of the lonesome type, you can check the many videos in YouTube that show how to build zip guns. Hell, the blueprints and instructions are online!


And in thousands of homes across the nation, beginners are building their first AR15 on a finished 80% lower (sans serial number)  with parts available one click way and really cheap.

OK, so we are not giggling, we are laughing ourselves into a hernia because you should had not poked that particular animal. Nobody was paying attention to 3D printed guns and now most everybody is and wants one. It is the same thing when in the 90s you decide to try and ban AR 15s and AK 47s which only a very few even care for and now they are the most popular type of rifle in the US.

You suckers don’t learn.


4 Replies to “They don’t understand the giggling.”

  1. The funnier part is they were always available. Since the ITAR takedown order they have been, and still are, available at nearly any general torrent site.

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