They get the lesson about violence wrong

I saw this over at Business Insider:

What Happened When A Bunch Of Young Boys Were Told To Hit A Girl

This is the video:

So the boy at the end says that he won’t hit a girl because he’s a men.

Tell me again about this toxic masculinity where telling boys to “man up” makes them into violent predators.

So at the end of the Business Insider article, this is what is said:

The social experiment was created to show that both violence and pacifism could be taught at a young age.

Oh for fuck’s sake.  WRONG!

Empathy is a normal and healthy human emotion.  These were normal, healthy boys that knew intrinsically that it is wrong to cause pain.  You could see it in their faces.

he assumption of the video is that if you just teach kids that hurting people is wrong at a young age, you can eliminate violence.  This kind of thinking is dangerous.

It eliminates the idea that some people are predators.  Some people hurt others because they can, the want to, or it doesn’t bother them when they do.

This goes back to Miguel’s post Most Lawyers do not understand Self Defense.

“Oh, we just need to teach boys not to rape.”

Because that’s all a rapist is, a man who was never told “it’s not right to hit a woman, tear off her clothes, and forcibly penetrate her against her will while she kicks and screams.”

If you don’t understand intrinsically why it’s wrong to do that, or to drug her so she can’t kick and scream while you forcibly penetrate her against her will, no amount of socially conscious birds-and-the-bees talks are going to change that.

“We shouldn’t have to teach girls to defend themselves, we should teach boys not to rape.”

What naive, wishful thinking bullshit.

Raise people to have empathy and be prepared to the kill the people who don’t have it.

4 Replies to “They get the lesson about violence wrong”

  1. HOW about something that runs a head-butt square into the solar- plexus of the narrative.: with reference to the fact of ( FINALLY! ) the under reporting of sexual assaults on minor students by FEMALE teachers, coaches, etc. becoming less of a problem ( that is to say, while still under reported, such assaults are no longer the stuff that simply gets waved off as preposterous as much as they used to be ), a NEW RALLYING CRY is needed to, in the spirit of inclusion, acknowledge both the offenders AND their victims. I propose-
    You could also use it as a “hashtag”.
    Just think, the very existence of same could cause SOME offenders to realize that they can no longer offend at will, and get away with it, just because they are women!

  2. This is a good time to point out that some people are born that way. I mean to say that 4% of Humans, that is, one person in every 25, is a full-blown psychopath. (reference below). They are not MADE that way, they are BORN that way.
    What does it mean to be a psychopath? Most people don’t know the answer. They should! A psychopath is incapable of feeling empathy towards another human. Let me repeat that. This is an important point that everyone should know: The psychopaths of the world, CANNOT FEEL THE PAIN OF OTHER PEOPLE. (Sorry for the all caps, but I can’t do italics.) They also cannot feel the joy that normal humans have, of being with friends and family.
    They simply cannot. To a psychopath (one out of every 25 people you know!), it is impossible to empathize with other people. They cannot do so. To a psychopath, other humans are merely objects. Things in the world that are not worthy of special attention. To get along, however, many, many psychopaths are very good at faking it.
    Now, you might ask, “So what?”
    Put it this way: Every single serial killer is a psychopath.
    BUT, (and this is important), not every single psychopath is a serial killer.
    Many psychopaths, who do not feel the joy and comfort of being with friends and loved ones, find other ways of having fun. Some just like to fuck with people. Some are con artists. Some are CEOs of ENRON. Some are thieves. Some are rapists. Some are murderers. They just don’t care what happens to their victims. Ripping off an old lady from her life savings with a con scam? No remorse, no regret.
    People often ask, incredulously, “How could someone DO that to a sweet little old lady?” The psychopaths do not care. The sweet little old lady is not a human being, but an object to be taken advantage of.
    The rapist is, almost certainly, a psychopath.
    If there were a foolproof way to identify psychopaths, we could weed them out and crime would go down precipitously. Unfortunately, there isn’t. And anyway, you can’t throw people in jail just because they MIGHT commit a crime.
    Also, there is a spectrum. Some criminals are not born, but made. Abusive parents, bad neighborhoods, no father figure.
    Now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, many psychopaths enjoy making other humans do their bidding, as if they were puppets. They are the gang leaders, dictators, and other of similar ilk, who find it easy to manipulate their followers into doing heinous acts. So, they multiply the effect of the 4%.
    I could go on, but you see where this is going.
    A woman confronted by a rapist can’t talk the psycho out of his crime. However, well-placed .38 will suffice, where rhetoric won’t.

    [Reference: “The Sociopath Next Door,” by Dr. Martha Stout]

    1. I have a confession to make (no not THAT kind of confession). I occasionally watch reality cop shows, there I said it. What strikes me is how often the perpetrator confesses to the crime, and also acts like he did nothing wrong. After all he needed a ride, the car owner objected to the perfectly reasonable request for his keys so the perp shot him.

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