I don’t watch The View, but apparently Meghan McCain is now one of the hosts.  She got into it with Joy Behar about how bad socialism is, to which Joy Behar kept naming Scandinavian countries because she’s a fucking idiot who doesn’t understand the difference between socialism and a Liberal Democracy with a large welfare state and ethnic mono-culture.

Just read this Bloomberg article aptly titled “You Can’t Have Denmark Without Danes.”  The short answer is in Miguel’s post on physics.  As long as a nation has people in it who will take the “free water” cup and try to fill it with soda it won’t be able to be stable with a large welfare state.

Meghan McCain lit into socialism and Soledad O’Brien thought she’s dog pile on the criticism of McCain on Twitter.

Yeah, that’s it McCain is upset that Behar has a head full if shit and the Left is looking at Venezuela with bedroom eyes, but it’s not the insane Left that’s the problem.  It’s McCain losing her cool.

Shannon Watts sensed that someone was being a bigger piece of shit than her on Twitter and had to reclaim her title.

What the fuck does that even mean?  Does Shannon really believe that he who dies with the most stuff wins?  Also, what is her scale?

O’Brien made $3 Million per year over at CNN.  Then there were book sales and other fees on top of that.  She makes in 12 days what I make in a year, so where on the diamond am I?  Then again I’m a white male so clearly I must be ahead of brown(ish) woman O’Brien somehow.

What that is, is ridiculous stupid, far Left horseshit.

The truth is that the reason O’Brien, Watts, and Behar don’t fear socialism is the same reason that Nancy Pelosi wants to raise taxes, Bernie Sanders like socialism, and Barack Obama can say other people’s houses are too big.

They are rich and well connected enough to protect themselves from the downsides of socialism.

Good for McCain.  Good for her lashing out.

Tell me how I have to be taxed into losing my house and my truck so that a bunch of people who have been camping in garbage, harassing Federal law enforcement, and shitting on the streets of Portland can get a guaranteed $15/hour Federal job.

Personally if I were a guest of The View, I’d remind them of one of the bravest men in history, Otoya Yamaguchi.

That’s patriotism. When someone tried to turn your nation socialist, you run them through with a sword.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “They have not yet begun to see a “freak out””
  1. “They are rich and well connected enough to protect themselves from the downsides of socialism.”

    Right up until the time that the party congress, general secretary, or peoples commissar for state security determines that they have outlived their usefulness. And the state needs their wealth to pay for care and feeding of the masses, and that they should get their bourgeoisie butts to labor camps and develop some blisters on their hands.

  2. Dumb Leftist don’t understand that the sole reason Scandinavia can have all it’s happy little social programs is because the USA covers pretty much all of Europe’s defense. Even the “neutral” countries.

    Pull the USA out of NATO, and watch the welfare state disappear overnight.

    1. Not only that, but if the Democrat Communists succeed in collapsing our economy, who is going to buy IKEA furniture, Volvo cars, Nokia phones, Danish Furniture, etc. Though I don’t think Norway exports much lutefisk.

    2. Plus, until recently, the Scandinavian countries were incredibly NOT “multi-cultural”. As they’ve imported foreign populations, the social programs are trending less popular.

      Amazingly, taking care of people who bought into the agreement to take care of you, and share your culture and heritage, is a lot more popular than taking care of people who show nothing but contempt for you, all you believe, and have no intention OR ABILITY to take care of you.

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