By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “They make really big chippers”
  1. In which country did this happen? I’m guessing UK, it sounds like the kind of insanity that’s all too common there.

  2. Don’t they have wilderness in Australia?

    If prison is inhumane, drop his azz off
    200 miles from the suburbs of nowhere, and good day, mate! FOAD!

  3. Not victim blaming here, but… I am pretty sure the kids he victimized could have gotten away without too much effort.

  4. Except he did his abusing 30-40 years ago, when he was a younger and fitter pervert and rapist. “He pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent assault and one count of penetrative sexual abuse.”

    Lock him in solitary, and give him his medications and two Boost or Ensure a day. Alternatively, give him all the pop, candy, junk food, and other food he wants, let him eat himself to death.

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