This sale is largely to rearm the Iron Dome missile defense system.

This only takes out Palestinian rockets.  It has no offensive capabilities.

AOC and the Squad want to take away the ability of Israel to shoot down missiles aimed at their cities.

This bill will kill innocent Jewish children.

This is what the Democrats stand for, “equity” meaning more blown up Jewish babies.

Fellow Jews, is this what you stand for?  More Jewish children killed by Hamas rockets.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “They want Jews defenseless”
  1. I doubt that this will pass the Senate. But AOC is a fully woke cretin so she “must” do something.

    1. Not quite; the NV communists didn’t aim to exterminate all SV people. On the other hand, the Palestinian terrorists and their Iranian paymasters do have that explicit and clearly stated goal.

      Given that it’s explicit and clearly stated, the conclusion must be that AOC is knowingly and intentionally supporting that policy, i.e., that her political goal is a second Holocaust. (She hasn’t quite said that; Tlaib, of course, has.)

    2. After the commies took over South Vietnam, they put scads of people in gulags, where tons of people died. Andy Ngo’s book tells the tale of how his parents risked drowning in a rickety boat when they had a chance to escape Vietnam. Frightening!

    1. Consider this: we are sending money to Iran. Iran is using money to fund Hamas.

      The phrase ‘casus belli’ is kind of rattling around my head right now.

      1. Iran is also funding the Yemeni “insurgency” as a proxy war against the Saudis. Their proxy wore thin, though, when they fired missiles at a Saudi oil terminal from Iranian territory…

        Maybe the Saudis can introduce AOC to some of the “princes” who disappeared in the months after 9/11. I hear their cars are still out in the desert somewhere.

  2. BTW, if the Israelis do not have ammo for the Iron Dome, then they will use 155 MM howitzers firing into Palestinian areas to destroy any area suspected of housing rockets. Or the equivalents.

    1. The EU, a chronically antisemitic bunch of slimeball politicians, were complaining the other day that Israel’s response wasn’t “proportional”. That is true but they should be careful what they wish for.
      If Israel did a proportional response, they would have dropped 3500 bombs onto Gaza, indiscriminately all over the inhabited area. Instead, they dropped a far smaller number of precision guided weapons aimed at carefully selected military targets only.
      Of course that leaves out the stupidity of asking for proportionality in defending from aggression. Sane and moral people know that the aggressor has no right to insist on that, but has to take whatever comes at him from the defender.

  3. And a minor correction — they want EVERYONE defenseless. The only valid self defense, in their minds, is being a bigger thug.

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