This is almost painful to watch:


First of all, let this be your daily reminder that they hate you and want to kill you.

Now let’s break down everything wrong here.

In the fantasies where the NRA/MAGA/Right are being mass murdered, these people are never the ones doing it themselves.

It’s always “the military” as though the military is a monolithic block that will uniformly obey orders to drone strike America citizens.

Of course, there are Leftist offices who would, and enlisted who will obey any command for a paycheck, but their is equally a good chance that the SSG in question, flying the drone is an NRA Golden Eagle.

Next, this particular comedy bit only works in his hypothetical situation where the field of battle is some sort of designated arena.

Reality is that such a war in the US would have no battle lines.  The NRA members would be mixed in developments next to houses with “Love is Love” and “Hate has no home here” door mats.

Asymmetric war would be the name of the game, and I guarantee you it would be ugly to a degree that nobody in the west is prepared for.

It’s literally a plausable situation where the brother of the NRA member who just got droned is a contractor at the base where the drone pilot flies from, and their kids play on the same little league team.  Now tell me how that situation ends.

“We will win this war with the push of a button” is the most ignorant possible takeaway from the GWOT.

Lastly, this twig-arm numb-nuts somehow believes that he is untouched in this situation.  That his cheerleading of the murder of American citizens will be given a pass.

It won’t.

So if we’re going to have some annual televised “FAFO trial,” let the military sit it out, because ot will be rendered useless in very short order.

Make it between these sorts of Leftists and the people on the Right they want to murder, and let them discover what the reality of what civil war is actually like.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “They want to kill you: comedy club edition”
  1. Another route not often mentioned is sabotage. The dibs is not all high security facilities, the majority of it are mom and pop shops in all of our neighborhoods with low security buildings. Sabotage by internal and external actors would be present, easy, and extremely disruptive.

  2. Also, an overall strategy of “let’s kill all the farmers, truckers, and infrastructure maintenance workers” seems a bit… well.. cartoon character out on a limb with a saw, maybe?

  3. Yes, kill all the blue collar workers is a great idea… won’t take long for liberals to starve to death and freeze to death…. In all seriousness, these numbnutz have zero clue how it will go..We the People are armed with very dangerous minds….

    1. To be fair, that’s exactly what the Soviets did and then they had a famine and 20 million people starved to death.

      1. Were the soviet citizens armed? Had they seen for years how the government/media/edumacated morons were lying about everything?

      2. The Soviets took over a nation that had been thugs ruling serfs for centuries. The serfs weren’t well-armed.

  4. Where is this “comedy” club? I never want to go there. I am saddened that people were laughing that hard.

  5. OK, folks… it is a comedy bit.
    Granted, it is demeaning to the NRA members, and it makes it out that the military will somehow win if they ever fire on US Citizens, but it is, and remains a comedy bit.
    No need to get panties in a twist, that is what the leftists do. In fact, it would be better to actually enjoy it, and add our own funnies to it. I am pretty sure, without too much effort, gun owners could create as humorous, if not more humorous rebuttals.

  6. Now switch it to the police and the local gang. See how many people laugh.

    Comedy is supposed to be ‘funny’

  7. Follow this guy home after the show. Knock on his door, when he or whomever is home answers the door, tell them you’re from the NRA, hand them some NRA materials and inform him-them of how great his recent comedy routine was and ask him for an autograph then attempt to sign him up to become a member. When he rejects the offer, thank him for his time and say, “Nice home you have here, have a good night”. Smile and wink, then depart in peace. Do it during daylight hours and make sure you have someone else with you with a camera video running to have an audio record—don’t need the video. Make sure you do it in the spirit of Geoge Carlin or Tom Greene.

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