Candi Lee CdeBaca is a Democrat politician from Denver.

She wants you dead for supporting Trump.

She won’t take a gun and kill you.  She will just spread a virus that is potentially lethal to mostly elderly people and children.

This isn’t the first time a Leftist has threatened to do that.  The professional pervert Dan Savage got the flu and threatened to lick door handles and coffee cups in an Iowa Republican’s campaign office because he said the Republican was anti-gay.

But this time, with a national panic over the Coronavirus and the fact that it is known to be fatal, this is more than just an annoyance, this is a declaration of biological warfare.

They want you dead.  They can’t win on ideas so they will try and kill you.

As we inch closer to a Trump victory in 2020, these are going to be less threats and more action.

Be safe out there.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “They want you dead, biological warfare edition”
  1. And… someone in FL gets 15 years in prison for putting bacon on a mosque, but spreading a disease because orange man bad is a celebratory act.

    Got it.

    First axiom of politics is still in full effect…

    1. How is what she did not inciting terrorism?
      Oh right, she has a D after her name.

      Rope. Tree. Democrat.
      Some assembly required.

  2. 98 to 99.5% survival rate. The regular flu is worse. Wait til Trumpy wins again, maybe these assholes will kill themselves

    1. Latest revision is a bit under 97% survival rate, that is just a bit worse than the spanish flu during WW1. People want to poo pa this as nothing important but a survival of 97% of the US population is about 9 million dead. Combine the long asymptomatic infectious period with the fact that people don’t develop a immunity after getting over the disease like they do the flu things might get bad before they get better.

      1. And there’s the resources the extreme cases consume, and the economic side effects of large numbers of sick, quarantine, less travel, less dining out, etc.

        On the other hand, perhaps businesses will realize telecommuting isn’t as terrifying as they think.

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