This is how you get cattle cars going East.

I hope you are not the only one in this country that has not heard about the incident with gorilla and the four-yer-old boy at the Cincinnati zoo.  This conversation appeared in my Facebook timeline:

gorilla 4 year old boy

I consider myself a pretty callous individual when adults make stupid and preventable mistakes. But to be this heartless about a four-yer-old boy? You have to be some ruthless Mike Foxtrot.

8 Replies to “This is how you get cattle cars going East.”

  1. Either a troll, or someone who does not have, and has never spent any time around kids. Either way, a POS devoutly to be ignored.

  2. Years ago, the president of PETA famously said “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”: animals are just as valuable as humans. The “street level” animal rights nutcase seems to think the animal is more valuable than the child, like the people in that twitter feed.

    Jack Hanna was on the news saying shooting the gorilla was absolutely the right thing to do. He said those gorillas can crush a green coconut in their hands like you or I could crush a marshmallow. The gorilla could have killed the kid within seconds and there would have been nothing the people could do.

  3. Sounds like my sister in law. The POS womb sack that cares more about the stray dogs she takes in than her own kids. I haven’t met a more worthless individual in my life. And I used to work in a prison.

  4. The zoo is in beteeen a rock and a hard place here. They shoot the Gorilla, they’re horrible; they don’t shoot the Gorilla and the kids dies, they’re horrible. Not an envious position at all.

  5. If you want to get incredibly callous and technical, from a rarity standpoint the gorilla is far more rare than the kid. We’ve such a problem with the ease of production and high survival rate of human twerps that we go to great lengths to prevent them, usually while desperately trying to get various critters to bang so they don’t vanish entirely.

    This is going to hang over his head like a sword of Damocles for the rest of his life, which may only be until someone decides to avenge the gorilla. There’s plenty of eco-warriors who happily proclaim that all of humanity should be wiped out, he’s going to have to change his name and watch over his shoulder. It’s like Cecil the Lion, many of the folks he’ll ever interact with are the type to get far more worked up over a celebrity animal than they would for a human.

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