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Hang on to your butts…


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Things gonna get dicey…”
  1. So, when are they gonna show up on HIS doorstep after threatening the lives of MULTIPLE Justices? (Includes invisible /sarc tag..)

  2. Ever notice when the kind compassionate liberals dont get thier way how utterly VIOLENT they become? Poor little liberals got they panties in a twist….

  3. Wonder if Daniel is going to get any kind of suspension or removal because of the threat he just tweeted…
    Oh… Nope. It does not work that way.
    By the way. What is it with leftists and abortion? Seriously, for some reason they think the end of the world just happened. Abortion is still perfectly legal, in as far as I know all 50 states. So… why the overreaction? Stop threatening the SCOTUS and start talking to your State legislature. It will be a far more productive use of your time.

    1. Something like 18 states have what they call trigger laws in effect. In anticipation of Roe v Wade being overturned, states like Missouri already had the laws written where all it required was a signature to make it illegal in their state. Within an hour of the official overturning, Missouri had made abortion illegal in their state. Tennessee is also one of those states, but I don’t know if they have enacted it already.

  4. What AOC is doing is awfully close to incitement to riot and insurrection.
    From the big grin on her horseface it’s pretty clear she has no clue of the consequences.

  5. For her, or someone who’s woke and/or on her side, WHAT freaking consequences? Consequences are for suckers, (alphabet soup) right wing fall guys. Not for her and those who agree with her or support her.

  6. So let’s say that liberals, cheered on by the likes of AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and others, do drag SCOTUS justices out and kill them. This would allow Biden to replace 6 members of the court.

    I wonder what happens after that.

  7. This might kickoff the unCW ll that the fascists have been trying to kickstart for several years. I really don’t think it’ll go like they think.

  8. So, when do the babymurderers get dragged to the fedpen for insurrection?
    Oh right, the gestapo fleas only care about that sort of thing when humans do it.
    Subhuman demonrat filth gets a free pass every time.

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