I was in Kroger today and some fucking piece of shit is wearing a Che shirt.

I very loudly said to him “The fuck dude, wearing a shirt with a mass murderer on it.  Do you have any idea how many Cubans he killed?’

At which point he walked away and my wife got very uncomfortable with me making a scene.

I miss Miami.

Some dude wears a Che shirt and I know I wouldn’t be the only person giving him shit.

And if Che shirt guy got his ass kicked, every supermarcado employee with an Abeulo from the old country would come down with a sudden case of “didn’t see anything officer.”

You’d think that Alamaba was Red enough not to tolerate people wearing Che shirts in public, but apparently not.

Wearing a Che shirt should be treated like being a child molester in prison, where they fall down the stairs a lot and nobody gives a shit.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Things I miss about Miami”
  1. It all depends on which part of Alabama – aka God’s Country – you are in. 🙂

    Unfortunately we do have some concentrations of liberal-hippie-idiocy spread across the state.

  2. My moms church sometimes has people of the “rainbow” crowd show up… one gal(I think) used to regularly show up wearing che. My tongue would be bleedin.. che would have thrown you off a building. Its amazing how STUPID people are.

  3. Probably a student or a professor or some of other hippie scum…But most of Alabama is pretty reliably “Red”

  4. Most people who wear Che shirts have watched the Motorcycle Diaries and ‘maybe’ bought a copy. None of them have read the Congo or Bolivian diaries where Che shows how much of a narcissist, racist, and incompetent he really is. Because of those, the ‘Institute for Che Studies’ edited the Cuban Diaries so heavily they’re pretty worthless.

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