This guy is proud that he got a bunch of little kids to read a book and claim allegiance to an idea that killed 100 million people.  So proud of it that he blasted it all over TikTok.

There is no neutrality in the Communism struggle. The opposite of “Communist” isn’t “Conservative.” It is “Pinochetist”.

Now fire up the helicopter.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Things like this are why I am becoming a Pinochetist”
  1. Getting a bunch of 13 yr olds off their phones and reading political screeds? Yeah, didn’t happen.

    1. Most summer camps don’t allow phones.

      My favorite part though wax the admission of tampering with the vote.

  2. Not helicopters. Trebuchets.

    Organic. More fuel efficient. Higher throughput.

    Although, having a wall as an impact point might bring up a few issues.

  3. These are the kind that will endup in a basement getting Unit 731’d.

    You mess with children, you get what you Earned!


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