From the New York Post:

Hate crime suspect Tiffany Harris arrested for third time in one week

Tiffany Harris — arrested and released twice in three days after being charged in separate misdemeanor assaults in Brooklyn, including on a trio of Orthodox Jewish women — was arrested a third time on New Year’s Eve.

Harris was picked up by New York City Sheriff’s deputies at a Brownsville, Brooklyn, hotel on an arrest warrant issued earlier Tuesday after she allegedly failed to comply with court-ordered monitoring, officials said.

She had allegedly blown off an appointment with social workers at Brooklyn Justice Initiatives, which runs a supervised release program that helps defendants make their court dates and connect with such services as drug treatment and mental health counseling.

“They issued a bench warrant around 5 p.m. this evening,” New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito told The Post.

I guess movie tickets and dinner at Applebees was not enough of a bribe from Mayor de Blasio to get her to go to court.

A lead materialized that she might be at the Hotel Omega, and investigators were able to confirm through surveillance video that Harris was there, the Sheriff said.

Harris was arrested at 10:15 p.m., and was being held pending an arraignment expected Wednesday morning.

Harris’s lawyer said the judge issued the warrant because of the negative publicity.

See, it’s not that skipping out on her court appearance was bad, it’s that that all those Conservative newspapers have been unfairly targeting this poor woman.

“She went to the office as instructed, gave the information she needed, clearly she wanted to leave,” Lisa Schreibersdorf said. “Anyone would want to leave in that circumstance, no one felt she did anything wrong.”

Of course she’s the victim.  How can she not be the victim?

The people that she attacked?  Those people were Jewish and/or white, who cares about them.

She did nothing wrong by committing multiple acts of assault then skipping her court date.

You know, just know that she will do this again and again and again because the city government doesn’t want to stop her.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Third time’s a charm – This is what happens when you let Progressives run your city”
  1. It’s almost enough to make you think that consequence-free crime brings more crime. But that can’t be true, can it? After all, the New York state legislature (which by the way is the longest-running continuing criminal enterprise in the United States), the State’s Attorneys of Baltimore City, MD, and Cook County, IL, and the District Attorney of San Francisco all assured me that it doesn’t, and they’re all highly trained lawyers. I’m just an old, dinged-up retired LEO, so what do I know?

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