By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “This cartoon puts me in a bad place”
  1. What they did to the helpless people and dogs, makes me more determined to have at least a full dozen to carry me to Valhalla. I’m to old, to realistically hope for more.

  2. I’m … going to play some fetch with my dog now. It’s very calming, and I really need that right now.

    And as J.Kb says … I’m not going to say anything else.

  3. Pentagon says NONE of the military working dogs were left behind. The cages in the photo came from an animal-rescue group that bugged out.

    But, yeah, before that statement that was my take, too.

    1. Rob: uh, yeah. I, myself, *TOTAlLY* trust what the Pentagon says!

      Because,for one, Spenser Rapone (USMA) would *never* lie to me!

      1. Barring handlers disputing the statement, there’s no reason to doubt them. All the evidence to the contrary is a single photo without context.

        Righteous anger is good, but anger over a mistake or a lie… well, you may as well be a leftist in that case.

    2. They were working dogs, but did not belong to the DoD. They belonged to contractors Garda World and Dyncorp from what I had seen.

      Doesn’t make it right, but it the DoD isn’t talking all the way out of its ass. For once.

  4. It such a complete shit show. I, too, am in a very bad place. What’s really unsettling is it would be inappropriate NOT to be in a bad place right now.

  5. I’m hearing reports that after the Pentagon said they brought them back, the military dogs were released back into the city and no dogs were rescued. If that is the case, it is even more reprehensible. We will never know.

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