By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is bad for the Kenosha ADA”
  1. And the ADA needs to be disbarred and banned for life from practicing law in any way, shape or form.

  2. The judge just spent quite a long time yelling at the ADA, because the ADA commented in front of the jury on 1) evidence that the judge had already ruled inadmissible and 2) Kyle taking the 5th in some earlier proceeding, strongly implying that only guilty people take the 5th.

    The defense made the argument that the ADA is trying to throw the case into mistrial now because its going so poorly for him and the judge appeared inclined to agree.

  3. Bad for the prosecutors? Don’t make jokes like that when I’m drinking. They are demoncrats/fascists/piles of shit, nothing will happen to them. If Kyle is found innocent, the same piles of shit or the fed piles of shit, will file charges for civil rights violations, leaving trash in the street, and leaving biomedical waste on the pavement.

  4. As has been said, Kyle walking away free from this is not justice.

    Justice requires Kyle walking away free and rich.

    Whether malicious prosecution can be proven or not (it’s a REALLY high bar), the civil suit will be epic, and discovery will be awesome.

  5. I am a trial attorney from Wisconsin who defended civil servants from lawsuits for 37 years. In Wisconsin, criminal prosecutions are brought by the County, not the City. However, District attorneys are employees of the State and are absolutely immune from civil suits–governmental immunity. DAs are elected, so only the voters can punish him, unless he violated some law under which he could be prosecuted. The cops have qualified immunity, which means they can be sued and could end up having to pay damages, but it is a very difficult standard to overcome. The city would pay any award made against its cops. The county would have to pay any award made against the sheriff’s office.

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