This man is a former US Navy Intel Officer:

Consider the off-the-charys level of ignorance about Afghanistan and the level of hatred for Republicans you have to have to say something like this.

It would be one thing is this guy was just some ignorant rando.  But he’s a former member of the Intel Community and a writer for a majority media company.

This is what guides politics today.

Not knowledge but ignorance and bigotry.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “This is how we f**k up something like Afghanistan so badly”
  1. “…What do you do?…”

    Express my preference for Lufkin, with Tyler my second choice. People are great in both places.

  2. Here’s what I would say to them:

    If you’re an Afghan woman and are resettled in Texas, congratulations! You can go to school, vote, wear a mask, a hijab, or a burka or not wear a mask, a hijab, or a burka. You are no one’s property. You are free to worship. Texans respect life and liberty. Plus, wait until you try Tex-Mex! Don’t let the idiots poison you. Texas is a great state.

    But if what you want is a progressive state, try to go elsewhere. New York would love to have you.

  3. Most of the people commenting on how horrible and racist Texas is would throw a fit if they were served a cold latte.

  4. United States isn’t (though it has become in recent years) the dump for the Turd World. It isn’t supposed to be for everyone in the world who wants to make a couple of bucks more and hour than back in their homeland.

    Afghans are notorious for: low IQ, illiteracy, high crime (sexual assualt) and most of all, ta-da, 100% followeres of the Sharia!! Woo-hoo! That’s just what the USA needs, more Sharia Law addicts!

    Afghani Mohammedans belong in, you guessed it, Afghanistan.

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Swap you for them in a microsecond. We do not need broad brush painters. A few whiffs of Afghani rarefied air should be enough to neutralize the pallor.

  5. So, is Naveed tweeting from some better place? Or, has he committed to the holy ground of A-stan?

    Talk is cheap.

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