6 Replies to “This is how you make hardcore fans forever.”

  1. I worked security at a lot of concerts when I lived in South Dakota. I worked Sturgis every year.

    What makes a truly great concert is a band that interacts with the audience and puts on a show. Twisted Sister is great. The two best that I have ever seen are Godsmack and Elton John. They really get into it.

  2. Sounds about right from Dee and the band. (I grew up near the family before I developed the wisdom to leave NY State.) Did not really know Dee that well, he was about 5-7 years older than I was, but I do remember he was never afraid to make a production out of anything, especially if it was self deprecating, for a laugh and some audience participation.

    To see Twisted Sister alter their lyrics like that for audience is exactly what I would expect.

    Thanks for sharing.

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