Some of the first bodycam footage from yesterday’s Nashville school shooting has been released.


“Keep pushing, keep pushing.”

That’s the proper response.

Run towards the sound of the gunfire, close distance to the threat, keep shooting until it stops moving.

Every single officer from Broward County and Uvalde needs to be strapped down and forced to watch this Clockwork Orange style until they decide to eat their service weapon.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “This is how you respond to an active shooter”
  1. I have no idea who this officer is, but whomever they are, please give him a medal or three. He wasn’t the first into the room but he was the person going.
    The only question to ask is what were all the rest of those officers in the building doing until he got there and started the push?

    1. I cannot tell what the other officers were doing, but it is possible they were containing the shooter (based on what I saw in the footage). Sometimes, it is best to evaluate the situation for a minute, than to rush in. Ensure there is no trap set, or whatever. We cannot do a monday morning QB too soon.

    2. Having watched the second video, my question was answered. The second video shows a different officer. We see that officer arriving. He immediately grabs his rifle from the rear of his squad. He listens to the administrator does a very quick look and then heads into the building after grabbing three officers to go with him.
      He heads upstairs, finds the door locked, they head downstairs and immediately begin clearing rooms rapidly. He hears the shots and runs forward towards gun fire at which point he meets up with our first view point.
      While it was 14 minutes from the time of the call till the asshole was dead, it did not look like any of the cops were just standing around. Even those we saw just standing in the first video had just arrived at that location and were moving towards the sound of gun fire the entire time.
      These officers acted as we all expect they should. There were no video of a member of meal team six running away from the sound of gunfire with his vest flapping around him cause it didn’t fit. And nothing about “I don’t want to get clapped”.

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