I saw this bit of news and saw gun rights supporters celebrate it.

At first blush, it looks like good news.  But it’s not.

David “baby killer” Chipman wasn’t withdrawn because he’s a radical anti-gun activist or because he defended the ATF’s actions against the Branch Davidians or any of the other horrendous shit he has done.

Nope, it’s because he is a racist piece of human garbage who harmed the career of a black subordinate.

The lesson the Biden Administration learned is that they need to find a radical anti-gun activist with a history of having no moral compunctions against killing children in a raid, who is a minority and cannot be accused of being a racist.

Chipman may be gone but the Biden Administration won’t let this one go.  They will find someone worse and harder to take out.  Mark my words.


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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “This is not the victory that you think it is”
    1. I’m glad Chipman’s nomination was withdrawn. I’m just saying we can’t believe our gun rights are now safe from this Administration and take a victory lap.

      1. Of course that’s true, the “D” should tell you that. The simple rule is that all Democrats oppose your gun rights, even though some claim “I’m a gun owner” (immediately followed by “but…”). Republicans aren’t safe either, but among them it’s at least possible to find good guys.

        1. I call those “gun owner butts”. As in, “I’m a gun owner butt….”

          Alternatively, “Second Amendment supporter butt”.

          When they include the “but”, it means they DON’T actually support gun rights and WILL vote for restrictions.

          If they support gun rights and oppose gun restrictions, there’s no “but”.

  1. The lesson out of California is that there is no such thing as someone “who is a minority and cannot be accused of being a racist.” After all, Larry Elder is the “black face of white supremacy.”

    Aside from that, I’ve said basically the same thing. Don’t think this is over and for God’s sake keep watching. There will be a next nominee who will also be against individual gun rights, wants to take away AR-15s, and all the rest. There’s already talk about making Chipman some sort of Double Sooper Gun Czar.

    1. Disagree.

      The problem with Larry Elder has nothing to do with racism, skin color, bias, prejudice, etc… on his part. It is 100% his political affiliation. He would not be the black face of white supremacy if he was a leftist. Even if he held EXACTLY the same positions on the issues.

      Had Elder been a Democrat, the party would have pushed Newsome to resign, and installed him instead.

  2. Yes, it is the victory we think it is. What, just let them confirm Chipman because they could nominate someone worse? Stop being a contrarian; we won this battle and we’ll fight the next one when it appears.

    1. True. But I think the warning is: don’t assume that Biden will replace the nomination with someone more reasonable.
      In fact, the only Constitutional thing he could (but won’t) do is not nominate anyone, and instead lock the doors to the BATFE buildings.
      Along the same lines, the correct thing for Senators to do is vote down all nominees, not (or not just) because of who they are, but simply because of the unconstitutionality of the position for which they are nominated.

  3. It is a victory, but we gun owners cannot go back to sleep believing it is the victory. Biden will nominate someone else — someone just as opposed to private gun rights — if not more — but without Chipman’s “colorful” history. If possible, it will be a black woman; if so, any opposition to the nomination will be painted as both racist and sexist.

    Today, this turn should be celebrated, but with the understanding that tomorrow we’ll need to have our A-game ready for the next nominee.

  4. From reading the comments I get the notion that the dire importance of eternal vigilance has been put aside if not forgotten

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