Every Red state needs to do this.

Systematically go through and weed out every department and degree program that is just accredited Leftist indoctrination.

Fire the professors.

Spend the money on vocational education.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This is the way”
      1. Only a handful of colleges operate without taxpayer grants; that includes the ones allegedly offering hard science courses.

  1. Bet she wasn’t expecting that ratio. A state legislature curtailing funds to a state run school. Must be illegal. Duh. She probably also squeaks about the gov’t cancelling all loans.

  2. Eliminate all Grievance Studies.
    Require every student to take a full year of College Math / Algebra or higher.
    Require every student to take a full year of English and English Composition.
    Require every student to take a semester of College Inorganic Chemistry and one semester of College Organic Chemistry.
    Require every student to take a semester or full year of Biology and/or Anatomy.
    Require every student to take a year of Foreign Language or Latin.

    We need to start graduating thinking students, not ignorant, brainwashed, liberal idiots.
    I respect learned liberals that will argue for their opinions rather than immediately resorting to slander and name calling like Racist Nazi White Supremacist.

    1. I’ll do you one better. Colleges are saying they’re spending so much time getting high school graduates to the level they should be that degrees take more than four years.

      Fix the public schools. Those requirements you list, with only ONE exception, were my public high school’s requirements (the exception is your one semester of organic chemistry).

      Granted, the fix for public schools is probably to nuke the Department of Education, the teacher’s unions, and the state departments of education, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

  3. These programs only serve to fleece students and saddle them with student loan debt for a useless degree. It’s a scam.

  4. Rereading this I just had an intemperate thought. Ok I have many intemperate thoughts. This one, however, may have some value. All colleges and universities should be required to provide data to incoming freshmen as to the number of graduates for each major, number of graduates who got jobs in their field, average salary of graduates, upon graduation, after 10 years, after 20 years, and the average time to payoff student loans.

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