There is nothing like a toasted Publix Sub.

The two best are (and they will make them like this if you ask):

A Cuban sub but using the Mojo pork from the hot box instead of the sliced deli pork.

A Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich made with the hot box fried chicken strips instead of the deli sliced chicken.  You can level this one up even more by adding bacon.

Once you go Publix subs, you never go back.

If DeSantis gets Publix to provide hot food to his FL Guard troops, I’ll volunteer for the Florida Foreign Legion.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “This is thinking ahead”
  1. Foreign Legion should be called the Foreign Auxiliary Legion…that way it works out to FL FAL.

  2. One of the saddest things about the keto diet is no Pub Subs. Then I discovered you can have one as a salad. Doesn’t work well with most, but with the Italian sub? Yum!

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