and not being used as front for clowns fishing with rifles who are risking their Not-For-Profit status.

By Lee Williams on October 7, 2019 News – National

Florida Carry, Inc. — the state’s largest and most active gun rights organization — in a letter to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, is demanding a statewide investigation into “law enforcement’s illegal abuse, misuse, and general operation of the FINDER database including the compilation of lists of gun owners, and illegal retention of records.”

“There are felonies being committed by the Charlotte County Sheriff and, possibly, by other sheriffs throughout the state,” said Sean Caranna, founder and executive director of Florida Carry, Inc.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell did not return calls or emails seeking comment for this story.

Florida Carry: Charlotte County Sheriff illegally obtaining gun owners’ personal information in violation of state law

And here is the letter sent to Moody. I won’t write about this when I can send you straight to Lee Williams’ great piece… so go read!




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