You cannot be part of a Health Kabuki Theater to scare & threat civilians into compliance and then say you are not taking part in the same dance number. You will not only be chastised by the People you were part on scaring, but also properly reamed by the machine you helped feed because you are screwing with the directive of Power Acquisition and Retention.

You thought you were special, you thought you get special exceptions and suddenly you are collecting unemployment and looking online for classes on how to code.

Or, with all that practice, maybe try for pole dancing and work for tips. Do demand the customers use mask and gloves while shoving dollar bills up your… garter.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you oversell yourself and get caught”
  1. Hero is a term tossed around way too casually anymore. Wear a uniform — instant hero. (Not really…) First responder — instant hero (why?) Two guys sit in a chair while people on the ground launch them to the ISS — instant hero. (not buying that).

    Real heroes actually… I do not know…. do something heroic? Like, actually putting their own lives in danger to save others. Not just “doing a job” like pretty much every doctor, nurse, EMT, cop, and firefighter did throughout the entire panicdemic.

  2. “A choice to be pregnant doesn’t affect others [sic] lives”

    I feel like a contrary argument could be made. ;~)

    (For the record, as a nurse, I am OK to some degree with morale-boosting activities e.g., dance vides. As with poisons, moderation is the key.)

  3. Story time:

    Well before COVID, when my wife and I disclosed that we aren’t vaccinating our youngest kids — for a variety of thoroughly-researched and long-considered reasons, every one of which our doctors support — a family member who’s a retired RN called and … well … tried to rip us a new one over it.

    At some point, my wife pointed out that, for us, it makes more medical sense to not vaccinate. Our family-member/RN responded with, “Oh? When did you get your M.D.?”

    It took everything in me to not fire back, “About the same time you did, nurse.”

    My wife and I, we’re not “anti-vaxx”, we’re pro-medical-freedom. Too many people don’t know the difference: We want to look into the risks and benefits of each course of action, maybe get some tests done to assess our personal, individual risks/benefits, and make an informed decision. I believe that’s a perfectly reasonable expectation.

    You want the poke? Get it. You don’t want the poke? Don’t get it. You want to forego the research and just trust your doctor? Do it. I don’t care; it doesn’t make any difference to me. Just arm yourself with the relevant facts and make an informed decision.

    Unfortunately there are too many like our family-member/RN, who think they get to dictate our personal medical decisions from 10 years and 3,000 miles away (they live across the country and haven’t actually seen us in over a decade, way before the kids we’re discussing were even born).

    Look, I get it. Nurses are valuable members of the medical community and have more medical training and experience than lay-people.

    But doctors they are not, and they should not pretend they are. Nor should they be spending any significant time or hospital-owned equipment making TikTok videos during the Worst Pandemic Ever [TM].

    It’s not just bad optics; it’s grotesquely unprofessional and deserves to be called out.

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