Then this:

An FBI and a police spokeswoman declined to answer questions about who shot the man.

DeSarno said the hostage taker was specifically focused on an issue not directly connected to the Jewish community and there was no immediate indication that the man had was part of any broader plan, but DeSarno said the agency’s investigation “will have global reach.”

Here is some insight on the terrorist the hostage taker was trying to get released.

‘Lady Al Qaeda’ the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wanted freed: She planned chemical attacks on Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge and demanded juror at her trial be DNA tested to see if they were Jewish

The man who stormed a Texas synagogue on the Sabbath and was holding hostages before he was shot and killed was demanding the release of ‘Lady Al Qaeda,’ who is serving 86 years in a federal prison less than 30 miles from where the hostage standoff took place.

Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 by local forces who found her with two kilos of poison sodium cyanide and plans for chemical attacks on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.

She is serving an 86-year sentence at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, about 25 miles from the hostage site at the Texas temple.

During her trial, Aafia demanded that every jury member get DNA tested to see if they were Jewish.

That’s not all.

Who is Aafia Siddiqui? Details on the woman mentioned during negotiations by the man who took a North Texas synagogue hostage

By all accounts in the trial record, Siddiqui was a combative defendant, refusing to come to court.

“She also complained that a Zionist conspiracy existed and would prevent her from getting a fair trial,” the judge said at her sentencing. “Indeed, during the course of the proceedings, she said ‘All I did say was that Israel was behind 9/11.'”

So a radical Islamist takes a Rabbi and three other Jews hostage at a Synagogue during Shabbat services, demanding for the release of a viciously antisemitic woman he calls his sister, and according to the FBI and Biden’s Press Secretary it’s just a hostage situation in Dallas that has nothing to do with the Jewish community.

It’s not like weren’t countless other potential targets for hostages to be taken within 25 miles of Fort Worth, he just accidentally found himself taking hostages in a Synagogue on Shabbat.

I guess when the news broke that the FBI reported that in 2020, Jews were the top target of religious hate crimes at nearly 60% of religiously motivated hate crimes, and number three for all hate crimes overall, despite only being 2% of the US population, somebody decided that the best was to bring down these number was to not count clearly antisemitic hate crimes as antisemitic.

Nope.  Nothing antisemitic to see here.

What we need to do is be mindful of the real victims of this incident: Muslims.

Whenever there is an Islamist terrorist attack, the real problem is not the Islamist terrorist attack.  It’s the anti-Muslim backlash.

You know, the anti-Muslim backlash that happens as frequently as every time a state expands concealed carry rights it turns every fender bender and parking lot misunderstanding into a blood-in-the-streets shootout at the OK Corral.  They never materialize, but the narrative continues unabated.

And all of those Conservatives who are concerned about an Islamist attack on a Synagogue are really just antisemites who wa t to use this totally not antisemitic incident to justify their Islamophobia.

The Jewish and Muslim communities must stand together.  No matter how many times violent Islamists attack Jews and their houses of worship.  Muslims firing shot at Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers is just friendly ribbing.  Not that any Jew in the US has every shot up or taken hostages in a Mosque.

If you want a glaring example of Leftist antisemitism, this is perfect.

An antisemitic Islamist takes a Rabbi and three other Jews at a Synagogue hostage on Shabbat to demand the release of another antisemitic Islamist terrorist and the narrative being spun from the White House, FBI, and Leftist media is that this had nothing to do with antisemitism and the real concern is White Supremacist Islamophobia.

Dear Jewish readers, if you read this and have moderate, normie Jews in your circle of family and friends, Jews that can still be reasoned with and are not dyed in the wool Leftist Yevsektsiya, rub their noses in this shit and demand to know why they give Biden and the Democrats a pass on this?

How many more times does the Left have to reveal its true antisemitic character before they get it?

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is what Leftist antisemitism looks like”
  1. There is way too much to say about this topic. In general, the left will protect muslims to the extent that they can (politicians, media etc).

    The question that nags me here is why now? Siddiqui has been in prison 10 years.Why did this guy act now?? And the fucking FBI….big surprise they seem to be in the middle of this. They come out and say this attack has nothing to do with antisemitism, but that their investigation will have “global reach”.

    Nothing makes sense.

  2. I know whenever I see a situation like this the first question that comes to mind is “How can I make myself a victim of this?”.

    FFS, these people truly are psychopaths.

    Must. Uphold. The. Narrative.

    As for the FBI? The whole organization needs to be burnt to the ground and the ground salted. And yeah, I know. “But there are good people that work there!”. Don’t care. The entire upper echelon is corrupt. As long as the leadership is entirely infested with partisan political rot, you can have all the “Good ones” you want in the lower ranks and it won’t change a darn thing.

    1. The FBI needs to be disbanded or at least have a thorough housecleaning with a clearer mission and a much smaller, focused force. The same could be said for most of the alphabet agencies .. DHS, CIA, IRS, EPA, etc. Too much power is held by the unelected, and they are doing things far outside the powers enumerated in the Constitution. It will never happen, of course, because the Swamp is all about power, money, and influence, not about a concern for the nation and its citizens. Too many people profit and are in it hip-deep to let it go.

  3. Don’t forget that it took Obama’s DOJ six years to admit Fort Hood shooting by Nidal Hasan wasn’t attributed to ‘workplace violence’ but a terrorist attack. These asswipes will say/do anything for political expediency.

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