Don’t let the Left bullshit you with changing the definition of words.  Like they did when they tried to convince everyone that Jihad ackchyually means a peaceful internal spiritual struggle.

Intifada really does mean armed rebellion, and is what the Palestinians called to major terrorist uprisings against Israel that killed hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Now they are calling for it in Michigan.

Remember that according to Palestinian philosophy, any attack on a Jew anywhere is an attack on Israel, and if you can’t get to Israel to fight the Jews there, you can attack Jews where you live.  This is why we see Palestinians in Europe stabbing European Jews during every Intifada.

The Jews of Michiganistan need to get armed and watch their backs.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This is why I own guns and so should the rest of the Jewish community”
  1. Many have the “that won’t happen here” attitude… and it will be thier downfall. .
    Sad how utterly DUMB America has become

  2. What happened to the religion of peace???
    Oh that’s right. Peace is achieved when Islam rules the world. Forgot that…

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