Dr. Fauci cashes in on COVID! Expert will release book on TRUTH and appear in Disney-backed documentary after being accused of flip-flops on mask-wearing and Wuhan lab theory

This is why this fucker refused to go away no matter how many times he was wrong.

Nobody wants to buy a book from a has-been.

Fauci will remain in the public eye until his book sales start to fade then he’ll retire.

The book is due November 2, so we can expect to hear from him through the end of 2021.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is why that f**ker refused to go away”
  1. “…Expert will release book on TRUTH…”

    Almost nothing in that statement is true, other than the book part.

    1. Remember when Hollyweird attempted to rehabilitate Dan Rather’s image with a movie? Called ‘The Truth’?

      (Ironically, it bombed hard.)

  2. Book deal, classic way to funnel money to someone.

    I mean, who’s really going to buy and read that?

    1. The goods news is that with e-books there is no need to kill trees and fill a warehouse with hardcopy.

      Nameless individuals and orgs will each order thousands of e-books at virtually no production costs. Virtually zero overhead.

  3. There’s some more reasons he hasn’t retired yet. Besides being a narcissist and greedy fuckhead, he doesn’t have to retire and he can’t be made to except for disciplinary reasons.

    IIRC, back in ’86 the mandatory retirement age in the civil service (except for LE positions at age 57) was banned by law. I remember reading an article about a drafting tech a few years ago who was still working into his early 90s before retiring.

    Under federal law, a person must start receiving any pension as well as their social security payments when they reach age 70. You take maxed out SS and a civil service pension and you can wind up with getting the same amount for that as you’re getting paid.

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