By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “This meme is probably half of Miami by now”
  1. Reading about the Cuban dictators cutting off Internet access in Cuba as part of their struggle to keep power, an idea occurred to me.

    Cuba is a fairly narrow island, and a number of the main cities are right on the coast. It should be possible to build inexpensive WiFi base stations, perhaps on boats outside the territorial waters but safer would be on drones or balloons, with modified antennas to give them enough range to communicate with smartphones not far inland, relaying to the rest of the Internet.

    It would be a fun project to build such things.

  2. If we had a President and a CIA worth a shit, we would already be droppping Guns and Ammo over Cuba. Russian and Eastern Europe AKs and SKS in packs of two or four with a spam can of ammo, and Mosin Nagants in packs of four with a spam can. Lots and Lots of Chinese pistols too. All with convenient Chinese markings and Chinese headstamps on the ammo.

    Then tell our favorite Technology Overlord to make a bunch of Starlink Satellite Internet Base in a Box units for dropping into Cuba.

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