This individual is a First Sergent in the US Army.

Clearly, he is going to have a long and successful career under President Biden.

I cannot wait for the US MIlitary to become the vaccination police.

The military will become the vaccination police because the ranks at every leadership level will be filled with people who want to be the vaccination police.

An ideologically pure military will carry out orders with alacrity because they want to.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This NCO will probably survive the Biden Purge”
  1. Well ain’t that great, 1SG.

    Tell me, what happens when the next SSG tells you to bugger off, and when you get your hackles up, you fall down a flight of stairs about five times?

    Goodness, it’s like they’re deliberately eroding any concept of respect for rank if not person.

  2. I really hope his posts got spell-checkered and that’s not what he things is good written English, is all I’ll say.

  3. The removal of mask mandates here in New York is hilarious. While I live in quasi-rural upstate, I still venture into our rust belt suburbs to shop and the masked up doomers who never want this to end no longer have the weight of an executive order to stand on. All they can do is double mask up, get wild eyed, and then get indignant on Twitter. It’s great.

  4. January 2020-May12th 2021: Why are you not following the CDC’s guidance? Do you not trust science? Do you think you’re smarter than St Fauci? What do you mean you want to see the studies backing their guidance? It’s not like you could possibly understand them anyway, neanderthal!

    Since May 13th: I don’t understand the CDC’s guidance. Why would they suddenly flip? I think this new guidance may be based on politics instead of science, even though before last week I laughed at people who made that suggestion. I’m going to keep my mask on until I see the studies they based this new guidance on and really understand them. In fact, you should just ignore Fauci until I do more research.

  5. Now that our Governor has removed the mandate, and now is threatening fines for those businesses that have a mask policy, I see maskless about half the time.

    It never made sense in places like Home Depot or WalMart – 250K Sq., Ft, with massive air handlers. It’s like being outside, and always was.

    I myself will don a mask if a sign says to wear one. I’ve better things to do than argue with idiots. I’m going to start wearing around my chin, though. In the heat of the ‘crisis’ about half the people I saw wore masks wrong. No one said ‘boo’.

    I walked into a PT appointment yesterday and there was an older woman walking out with a no-shit full respirator mask – like you’d use to paint cars.

    Jest retarded, bless her heart…

  6. When I see the full on respirators, or someone double masking, first I assume they are idiots, but then I think they may have one or more of the co-morbidities that can really amplify COVID. Since I do not know, I will not mock.

    And, since my city dropped the mask mandate, a surprising number of people are still wearing them. I think it has actually become a habit for them, they feel weird going out without it now.

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