This is what triggered the confrontation.

Antifa is going to engage in a “direct action” against him.

It’s important to understand that this city council member went into this store to confrontation this man over the sign.

The council member went in there to censor him on his own property.

Now the old man is being targeted for destruction.

We know how Antifa behaves. This will not be peaceful.  It will be violent and cause damage.

This is what they are.  You will conform or they will destroy you.  But they the anti-fascists so if you disagree with them, you are the fascist.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “This old man’s store has everything but f**ks. He’s is totally out of f**ks and isn’t going to get in a new shipment anytime soon.”
  1. I’m thinking that old man might surprise the hell out of the fascists when they start their $hit.

    1. So a hypothetical scenario: you own a small mom and pop store in once thriving business district that has been targeted by Antifa. Business is struggling as your customers avoid the area. You can’t just close up shop because doing so would surely bankrupt you and your lease agreement is a legal obligation. So you bait the useful idiots into burning it down. Profit!

      1. 1 Put up a sign that is sure to bring Antifa.
        2 Place mechanical ambush near store. Preferably command detonated.
        2a or Alternatively, kidnap an Antifa leader or two.
        3 might as well fight fire with fire, so to speak

      2. If this plays out the way you think it might it will be interesting to see if the insurance company refuses to pay out because “Riot and Acts of God” exclusion. THAT would be in opposition to the “Narrative”, of course, but… we shall see.
        More popcorn and beverages!

  2. “CONTENT WARNING – Transphobia ****

    Oooh. Scary! (Hee, hee)

  3. Heard that he has supporters coming this weekend as well. Hoping so.

    I know the seriousness of it but that man had me cracking up 😂😂

    *the man without a dress on

  4. Someone save this man! He is going to be the victim of a “mostly peaceful” protest!

    And by insanity on twitter I don’t mean trans people, I mean everyone who has forgotten why freedom of speech, thought, religion, expression, etc is so important. These people don’t realize that something they believe that is innocent to them is extreme to someone else because they are currently on the “correct” side of social pressure and don’t believe or understand that the tides are always changing and the undertow will eventually grab them too.

    But I’m preaching to the choir…

  5. Ngo needs to stop playing along with the delusions of the insane. “Tiesa Meskis” is a sick male, not a woman.

  6. His business will be looted and burned down by the end of the day. And he will have been beaten to death. And if anyone comes armed beforehand to stop the terrorists from doing the inevitable they will be arrested.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again in Washington and Oregon it is perfectly legal for antifa to destroy anything and everything they want. It’s also completely legal for antifa to murder everyone and anyone they want.

    1. “And if anyone comes armed beforehand to stop the terrorists from doing the inevitable they will be arrested.”

      What happens if they start refusing to be arrested?

      (Aside from the problem of ‘how many cops does Washington state have now?’ what with their intent to defund the police.)

  7. I wonder what happens, given the suppositions outlined above, if “someone (who) comes armed beforehand to stop the terrorists”. understands that in attempting to arrest that someone, but not the terrorists (or the tangos get catch-and-released), the police are de facto on the side of the tangos?

    I wonder if the Ulster PD has some institutional knowledge on that subject?

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