This pharmacy robbery is not a victory for gun control

From Shannon Watts:

Sorry Shannon, the original headline is better.

Maryland pharmacist with revolver chases off armed would-be robbers

But it is so much better than that.

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) — A Maryland pharmacist fired his revolver and ran off two would-be robbers, who are charged by police in connection with the incident.

News outlets report Princess Anne police filed multiple charges Tuesday against 22-year-old Cody Allen King and 22-year-old Justin Michael Bull. It couldn’t be determined if they have attorneys.

Wasim Amir said he was sitting in his office at Karemore Pharmacy Monday when a man ordered people to get on the floor. Amir said he grabbed a revolver from his desk and walked into the store, where he saw a man with what he thought was an assault-style rifle.

Amir said the man with the rifle yelled, “He has a gun.” Amir said he fired a shot but didn’t think he hit anyone.

Police said no one was hurt.

First: The pharmacist’s name is Wasim Amir.  Forgive my prejudice, that seems to indicate that he’s a minority.  He used a gun defensively and didn’t get arrested.  One of the gun control advocate themes is that self defense laws are racist because they don’t protect minorities that protect themselves.

Second: If we trust that Amir was right when “where he saw a man with what he thought was an assault-style rifle” Maryland has an assault weapon ban.  So the robber shouldn’t have had that gun.

Third: I thought that it was suicide and/or impossible for a good guy with a handgun to take on a bad guy with an assault rifle.  According to the anti gun activists, Amir should have been turned into a red paste by the invincible assault rifle wielder.

To recap: A minority man uses a revolver to defend himself and his customers against robbers with an assault rifle in a state with an AWB, and doesn’t go to jail for it.

That’s three impossible things before breakfast.

No wonder Shannon has to try and reverse the headline to fit her narrative, because the actual story blows it out of the water.

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