Every normie that voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump’s Tweets should have his face rubbed in this picture while getting their asses kicked until they break down and beg for forgiveness.


I am actively hoping that one of those dogs belonged to John Wick.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “This puts me in a refresh the tree type mood”
  1. Sometimes this is harder to take than soldiers dyin. I still cant get leaving ANYTHING behind…. Guns ammo my fukkin DOG???? Court martial me, all that shit is coming with me…
    And you kno the teflon fukkin dems will just go la-la-la-la merrily on thier way… because they are sociopaths

  2. This one may or may not be true. The picture was circulated yesterday after the last plane left, but the last plane left at midnight local time.

    In other words, this picture HAD to have been taken hours before that final flight.

    I have read stories about leaving behind the dogs during other operations so it’s not implausible here, but I’m reserving judgment until we get confirmation from a handler who was there and forced to leave his dog.

  3. What kind of man leaves his brother in arms, two legged or four, behind into the hands of the enemy. If proven true this is a total disgrace, if this is what we as a country have devolved to, then the tree definitely is due a watering.

  4. My black German Shepherd Dog goes everywhere with me. He is family and keeps my ptsd at a controllable level, because his eyes, sniffer, and radar dishes of ears allow me to sleep while he’s on overwatch. I trust my life to him, and he trusts me implicitly. I could NEVER betray that trust and unconditional love. You would have to physically drag me away from him. I saw that story yesterday and had to go sit in a dark room for several hours. I am seething. Humans can vie for themselves to some degree, but putting dogs that depend on us in crates to die of dehydration or heat, is beyond sadistic. That move tells you everything you need to know about this current administration and the military leadership.

  5. Remember, This Military Leadership were the same people making soldiers clean up and police the airport prior to turnover to the Taliban, rather than processing more evacuees.

    Thirty years ago, it would have been the senior NCO saying, “I don’t want to see any of those dogs on our plane! — so keep them hidden.”

    Harden your hearts, because you are going to hear even worse stories as our troops get back to the US.

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