Biden accomplished exactly the opposite.

The Taliban is stronger.

It’s working with ISIS-K.

America is weaker and more divided than ever.

The nation is in a dark place, mourning all over again.

Exactly the opposite.

This has been a Biden fuck up two decades in the making.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “This video from 20 years ago…”
  1. The WSJ had an op-ed a few days ago with the wonderful title “What Are Joe Biden’s Fixed Principles?” — asking the question of course answers it.
    The article doesn’t quite go as far as to put it this way, but while reading it I realized that Biden is easy to describe: a classic “machine” politician. He’s given a safe seat, and in exchange he votes as he is told to, never makes any waves, never comes up with any original ideas.
    Unfortunately, somewhere along the line he came up with the idea of being the first machine politician to be president, and no one had the foresight to stop him. So now he’s in a place where his nature — no brain, no ideas, no principles of any kind — are actually a clear and present danger.

  2. I’m curious (in a “watch the train wreck” kind of way) to see what Afghanistan looks like in two months, on October 22nd, the 20-year anniversary of Gropey Joe saying those words.

    Considering he wanted to pull out on September 11th, the 20-year anniversary of the worst foreign terror attack on U.S. soil, it could be enlightening to observe what 20 years actually does.

    We live in interesting times.

  3. Archer, between now and 10/22/2021, it is going to be a bloody series of murders, rapes, and atrocities in Afghanistan.

    I wish I was wrong, but just what do you expect a murdering terroristic regime like the Taliban will do? What they promised their fellow Afghans for thirty years, or what they are promising today to the gullible the infidels they just ran out of their country?

    The worst part is the Bidens of the world KNOW they are lying, but hope rubes like us will buy the lies, and not see the bloody murderous truth

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