It has to be somebody who wants American males to become French or something like that. I found this article titled Obsolete Man Skills You Should Ditch and it is a step by step on how to make sure you have people who will fold to anybody who grunts at them aggressively and be nice servants in a generation.

The article not only tells you what “obsolete male skills” you need to dispose off but it also gives you what you should substitute it with.

Old: Hunting – New: Learn How to Cook for Yourself.
Sweetheart, if you can kill your food, sure as hell you can cook it even if it is a piece of meat on a stick over a campfire. And hunters get the freshest most organic food in the world rather than having to go to Whole Foods and pay up the ass for a few ounces of crap raised in some farm.

Old: Fighting – New: Learn How to Mediate
I have to quote them “Problem-solving with an eye to compromise and healthy conflict resolution is something that, by and large, men just aren’t taught growing up.”  Listen Pajama Boy, if you are getting your head pounced into the pavement by some enraged asshole, your mediation skills are worth about as much as used toilet paper. Enjoy your stay in ICU.

Old: Repairing Your Car – New: Learn How to Code
Yes, cars nowadays are run by computer, but I doubt pretty much your nighttime class in coding is gonna fix whatever Check Engine light is trying to tell you or even if the car dies all of a sudden and you have not figured out how to clean the battery terminals.

Old: Fixing Things at Home – New: Learn How to Decorate.
I have to quote them again. “With most millennials having no real shot at home-ownership, there’s a good chance your landlord will be the one in charge of fixing anything that goes wrong in your place — or, more likely, paying someone else to.” Listen, I have rented and all of the places came with the condition of the manager being in charge of the repairs and maintenance. But here is the thing: shit breaks down after hours where getting the manager or the handyman on the phone is a bit difficult. And unfortunately, there is a good chance there are a few other apartments in need of fixing ahead of you. So, unless you don’t want to spend the weekend in the dark because you can’t figure out an electrical panel or hear the drip from the shower for a week or two, learn to fix things. In fact, the property manager will be happy as a lark to discount your expenses from the next rent payment because he won’t have to pay somebody $75 an hour plus parts to fix whatever little thing you had wrong in your rental.

Old: Being a Leader – New: Learn How to Collaborate
How about both? How about learning when to be a leader and when to be a helping hand? I understand why being a leader scares them: You are the sole responsible for failures that may happen while a group can dilute the blame among those presents. And that is where they are coming from and not from a concept of many minds applying to solve a problem.

Old: Being a Disciplinarian – New: Learn How to Communicate With Your Children.
OK, these people are a bad joke “For a long time, the most important aspect of being a father was simply providing for your family, and second, perhaps, was molding your sons into men. That meant being stern with them — even harsh. That meant toughening them up by teaching them how to shoot, how to fight, how to push through their pain, how to overcome their fears.”  If your kids screw up, of course you have to be stern. You would be doing them a disservice otherwise. You need to teach them to conquer their fears may them be sleeping without a light, jump from the board into the pool or get their first job. Sometimes is sink or swim, sometimes is experienced advice that they will learn the hard way because they chose to ignore you.

Old: Holding Your Emotions In – New: Learn How to Talk About Your Feelings
“Listen here dear son/daughter. You are the dumbest collection of human DNA in history and I feel embarrassed to have my name attached to your birth certificate. I am in almost physical pain for all the money wasted on you on what I thought it was “education” and I wish I could get a refund or sell you for parts.”  OK, I shared my feelings, Do you think they would feel better?

Sweet Lord.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “This whole Toxic Masculinity stuff has to be a dumb conspiracy.”
    1. Ian Stobber is the guy who lavishes his girlfriend with the best stuff and the latest sensitive stuff in a relationship and finds out she is porking some construction guy or a certified bad boy because she wanted a real man in the sack

  1. I know how to hunt fish, and catch lobster with SCUBA gear. I also know how to make my own food, including pasta from scratch. Why can’t I be able to do both? Reading the article, the author makes it sound as though a man must know one or the other.
    Even more telling when you read the article is the picture he paints of millenials: A so-called man, who can’t fight, can’t cook, has no idea how to fix anything, nor how computers actually work, beyond playing video games. They don’t own a house, eat out, and need to watch youtube videos in order to make dinner.

    Exactly what CAN millenials do for themselves?

  2. Each of those is “be more stereotypically feminine”. Have any of these clowns said what’s wrong with masculinity, or just screaming “toxic” is believed to be enough? And what does it say about THEM that they think being abusive is the male ideal? Do they need, perhaps, to widen their acquaintances beyond left-wing circles?

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