Those 65 women

Miguel speculated that the letter in support of Kavanaugh signed by 65 women was a counter ambush.

I showed how the Left is using it as Kafkaesque evidence of guilt.

How about we hear from one of the letter’s signers.

About That Letter From Women in Support of Brett Kavanaugh

Written by Virginia Hume, signer, daughter of Brit Hume, originally published in The Weekly Standard, copied and posted here in its entirety.

On Thursday afternoon, Dianne Feinstein released a cryptic statement saying she had submitted to federal investigators a letter about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Although the FBI quickly announced it would not pursue an investigation, speculation surfaced that the claims related to an incident of sexual misconduct dating to Kavanaugh’s high school years.

On Friday, a group of women who knew Brett in high school sent a letter in support of him to Senators Grassley and Feinstein. I am one of those 65 women. Having seen some of the reaction to the letter, I’d like to clear up a few things:

The letter was conceived and drafted by friends of Brett’s, and it was drafted after allegations came out on Thursday. I learned about the letter from a friend and fellow signatory. Others learned about it the same way. Those surprised at the speed with which it came together should see it as yet another testament to Brett’s excellent reputation.

To those who responded to my tweet saying “I knew Brett in high school” by asking if I had gender reassignment surgery: I went to an all-girls school in Bethesda. He went to an all-boys school in Bethesda. We were permitted upon occasion to speak to people of the opposite sex.

To those hearing the thwap thwap thwap of black helicopters because my father is a journalist or because I worked in politics: In a group of 65 graduates of D.C. area schools, it would be odd not to find someone related to or working as a journalist or politician. It is entirely unremarkable. This is a company town. (That said, it might explain why people happened to see my tweets on the subject).

Finally, to the one person who said I’m too young to know Brett Kavanaugh: Truly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The letter was written and signed after the allegations were made public.


I came from the elite, prep school world.  From my experience, this is what I believe.

Parents send their kids to schools like that to give them the best shot in life.  Part of that is what you know, part of that is who you know.  The connections made at schools like that, you keep for life.

Just look at Choate, or Harvard or Yale (the later being colleges).  Look how many successful alumni there are from schools like that.  It is in part because success breeds success.

So it makes sense to me that 65 students from an elite girls’ prep school that is associated with an elite boys’ preps school, that all come from the same feed stock of connected parents, would keep in touch.

It also makes sense that they would be supportive of one another.

I am in no way saying that this is a lie or dishonest or evidence of anything untoward.  In fact, I believe these women are being honest, because in today’s #MeToo movement, if it were proven or in anyway made probable that Kavanaugh did what he is accused of, as Kavanaugh supporters, they would have their necks on the line too.

All I am saying is that the idea the getting 65 friends who knew Kavanaugh in high school, or ran in his social circle, to sign a letter in his support in a mater of a day or two is not that hard, given the prep school world he came from.

If you don’t know that world, this may seem like a conspiracy to you.  It’s not.

That is all.

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  1. Those 65 women are saying the accuser was well known in their social circle as a fabulist, so her accusations are false….they just can’t say that directly; the social contract won’t let them call her out explicitly, so they do the next best thing. And those within that circle who know how the game is played know exactly what was conveyed.

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