One: it’s not about the science, it was never about the science, it is and was always about dividing people along partisan lines.

Two: conservatives are some sort of untermenschen, below contempt, and it would be a grave insult to be confused for one, like calling a Brahmin a Dalit.

Three: liberals are intolerant l tribal brutes who will become hostile to anyone that see as an outsider to their group.

Yes, we all knew it was true but it interesting to see him say it out loud.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Three takeaways from David Hogg”
  1. Instead of three takeaways from him, could you just take Hogg away? Please?

  2. I wear the mask if the sign says too.

    Now I just wear it on my chin. The only people that will bother me are the Full Blown Karens.

    The poor workers don’t need the hassles. Been there, Done That, Got the T-shirt.

  3. Spot on!

    Also, there is the added benefit that a mask hides at least part of his annoying, sullen face. He probably needs a good night’s sleep. He should get a MyPillow.

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