I remember 9/11 vividly

I was a freshman in college.  The first plane hit when I was in class.

The second one hit while I was watching the news between classes on the big TV in the lobby of the dorm room.  I saw that one live.

I was ROTC at the time, so we all got called to go to grab our stuff and go to the battalion offices.  We were rushed off campus to the local National Guard station for an emergency briefing and training.

Social media didn’t exist the way it does today (Facebook was still a few years off).   We still turned to CNN to watch President Bush give updates.

It was wild and terrifying.

That was 20 years ago.

Now I’m watching Afghanistan fall to the Taliban.

President Biden is in Camp David and won’t be making an appearance until Wednesday.

Jen Psaki is on vacation and her emails are being auto-returned.

Vice President Harris is telling the media that Afghanistan is not her job and won’t go on TV.

I’m watching the US government flounder and fail live before my eyes.

It’s  a little like 9/11 and a little like a hurricane.

The only way to explain the hurricane thing is: if you were a kid in Miami, hurricanes were both scary and exciting.  If you didn’t die, you got a couple of days off of school. If your parents prepared, even the power outage was fun.  Like a camping trip at home.

This is ground shaking and terrifying, but also fun and exciting.

The balance of power is about to radically change.

We have proven ourselves to be a paper tiger and our credibility at every level is gone.

The world is going to flip on it’s head and get much more dangerous very quickly.

At the same time I’m laughing, memeing, and shit-posting about our failed leadership.

I’m going back and forth with a buddy that the silver lining in all of this is that if shit kicks off domestically, we should be good to take DC in about two weeks and get a lot of left behind belt feds and Humvees as prizes.

Watching WaPo reporters swan dive into the Potomac from 737s taking off from Dulles and Regan National as a bunch of lifted pickups with Trump flags cross over the 14th Street Bridge.

The circus is falling apart, the tight rope walker is twitching on the ground, the elephants are trampling the handlers, a midget is being eaten by a lion, the ringmaster is nowhere to be seen, and the some clowns are telling us to stay seated, everything is fine, they will have more bread for us shortly.

Half of me wants to run and the other half can’t stop watching the chaos and laughing.

This is how the American Century ends, not with a bang, but with a wet sloppy fart noise and the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Today feels weird”
  1. Man, it was always gonna end this way. Too much pressure across too many fields for too much time.
    Assess the situation to determine your personal course of action. Remember to have *very* trustworthy people by your side in all of it. Tall order, but it’s all that’s left.

  2. If I was a governor of a southern-border state (TX, AZ, etc), I’d immediately move to secure the Mexican border. Any DHS wank tries to interfere, ‘accidentally’ toss them in the county jail for a couple days before anyone realized what was going on.

    Then present the situation as a fait accompli when the feds whine. ‘Well, you were SO BUSY cleaning up after your Afghanistan screw up, I just figured I’d try and help out here.’

  3. It’s more like the Benny Hill theme song. Except no one is laughing at the beginning of this show.

  4. Ever notice that just before an organization collapses, there’s a general loss of competence.
    Not just mistakes on the big level, but mistakes on the basic, day to day general core stuff.
    That’s the Biden admin right now.

  5. What I remember is cursing nonstop during Bush’s address on sending trupes to Afganistan. Because I Knew people who died there, who came back maimed both visibly and invisibly. Knew them. Knew their parents, wives, children,widows,orphans.

    As quiet child/teen, I set motinless and unnoticed among adults and listened to all. There was a lot of this listening, being a military brat and living in the South Asian republics of the USSR, where the draft was heavy on our neighbours, who were supposed to be used to Afghan-like climate.

    I cursed and cursed because I could not believe that the criminals sending the new batch of wide eyed American kids to that shit hole graveyard and the idiots who cheered them did not know how this shit would end…

  6. We all knew it was going to have a bad ending, but I don’t think anyone figured on “people falling off the departing American jet” bad. His Fraudulency, Steward in Chief Biden, only dumped fuel on the fire by essentially taking no responsibility, blaming Trump, then heading back to his vacation at Camp David.

  7. Remember when the plane hit, and President Bush was occupied in reading a book about a friendly goat to a bunch of school kids somewhere in southern VA, and it delayed his return to the WH by a full 30-60 minutes? And the news outlets went medieval on the “absentee president” for two months?

    Hey, MSM —

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