Because we have fucking Two-Star, Major Generals bitching about the Army’s grooming standard on blue check Twitter accounts like teenage girls about the high school dress code.

For fuck’s sake, your job is to be a war fighter and you’re complaining but how you can’t have a French manicure in uniform even though it’s acceptable in a professional business setting.

This is ridiculous.

Our military isn’t up to winning wars anymore because they are too worried about white rage and white tips.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Today’s episode of why the military is functionality useless at defending this country”
  1. You want your French tips but can’t have them while in uniform?

    Simple solution: Put off the uniform. Go back to civilian life. Then you can have your French tips and eat them, too (though I wouldn’t recommend the latter).

    Otherwise, quit whining.

    1. Based on the hand shape, rings & painted toe nails, Old fashioned cis me would guess that it is a female. I’ve been fooled before.

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