Contrary to my usual custom, I am posting a tweet captured by a third party and I was not able to find it myself. It may have been deleted or not done although the person does exist and is rather enthused about those subjects.

Why the exception, because I have see a couple of posts in Social media about the same subject by other Trans(s?).  One of the arguments was related (IIRC) to a legal issue with a rental contract which was on the originally issued name but the person refused to go by that. Well Charlene Brown, if your Trans name is so important to you, do what hundred of thousands of people have done over the years: Legally change your name!

It is cumbersome? A bit, but not really that much of an issue. And you do want to remain in the good graces of government departments if you do it the right way because some of them have no sense of understanding if you ignore them because of you name tantrum episode. I am thinking mostly the IRS and it does not matter how devoted to the caus you are, your federal mugshot will carry your “dead name” (That is what they call the originally parent-issued name).

Butch up, do it right, stop bitching.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “Today’s Parade of Idiots #2: Transsexual Problems”
  1. No, don’t change your name legally! That’s giving in to the patriarchy! Fight on, brother…err, sister…umm. Yeah!

  2. The evidence continues to mount that many (most?) of these people suffer from rather severe mental health issues. The fact there does not seem to be any serious research into the topic is a glaring oversight by the medical community, in my opinion.

    I actually wrote a Quora answer about it here :, as you can imagine it was. . . not well received.

    The idea that many people in the LGBT community might suffer from treatable deviations from normal human physiology (similar to dwarfism) is not a topic most of them are willing to consider, and are certainly not wiling to allow the medical community to consider and investigate. This could be dooming a huge portion of that population to suffer from treatable mental health issues for the rest of their lives, and I find that unconscionable.

    (and yes, I know I am outing my “real name” here by using the Quora link, you all can just ignore that.)

    1. You basically took the words out of my mouth.

      It appears there is significant overlap in this person’s trans and mental illness ven diagrams. I totally understand not wanting people to use your old name and it making you feel bad when they do but being afraid to check your mail because some faceless institution is unaware of your name change or transition status is incredible in the least good way possible.

      Or they just want attention and internet points.

  3. I’ve gotten mail for a Mrs. NRW, who doesn’t exist. I still get mail in the name of my late father. So what? If getting mail in a former name causes you crawl into your shell and never check your mail, I submit that the problem is with you and not an impersonal sender of correspondence.

  4. Somebody has responsibility problems and shit credit and need to turn that from a personal failure into victim credit.

    The next step for this person is to start a GoFundMe based on this victim status to address his financial problems without having to work harder.

  5. I’ve gone through a legal name change.

    Yes it involves standing in front of a judge and presenting your reasons. No it’s not zero effort. Nor is it particularly onerous, no more so than, say, having to take a day off to meet with a plumber or something about household repairs.

    Plus, you know what? Judges seem to appreciate having a non-criminal, non-lawyer, decently dressed, reasonably polite person appear before their bench … because it gives the judge an opportunity to do something nice for someone who isn’t a victim or a perpetrator, just a citizen.

    – Boris (formerly Psshosthok)

    1. Interesting. Has it been made harder in recent decades? When my wife changed her name (some years before we met) her lawyer told her that it was a simple matter of asserting in writing what her name is. The only complication she ran into was her car deed, which was solved by selling it to her new name for a dollar.
      As for the original item, if someone is so mentally defective as to be unable to even read a bill addressed to “the wrong name”, then I think petitioning the courts to appoint a guardian for him/her, on the grounds of non compos mentis is the best step.

      1. Requirements may well vary by state and by circumstance.

        The above for me was a few decades back in a northeastern state. About a decade ago, when I married Mrs B. in a western state, we both could have changed our names as part of the marriage license filing process. (I suggested Peanut and Chocolate Reeses; she said no. I married so well…)

        As to the rest, yes. This certainly sounds like someone who should not be out in public without a responsible adult looking after (insert pronoun here), have control over their own finances, etc.

  6. As a transsexual man myself, I laugh myself at people who allow themselves to get that emotional over such minor things. I still get shit in my birth name, you know what? If it’s an old bill, I pay it. If it’s junk mail, I burn it (we use wood to hear our home).
    And you know what, if transsexualism is a sever psychiatric issue? I went through conversion therapy, left me for suicide. A sex change brought the depression and anxiety into check and allows me to live a decent, workaday life where I can obtain and keep a job, pay my bills, be a contributing member to society instead of being an outlier living off welfare and making ends meet via taboo means.

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