Tolerance Spam.

I just got this email:


My Fellow American is a film project in the United States devoted to
recognizing that Muslims are our neighbors. I am reaching out to you
because you addressed the recent events in Oslo, Norway, on Gun Free Zone
and I am hoping you will share this message of tolerance with your
readers. We’ve put together a 2 minute film that I believe you will be
interested in sharing, watching, and discussing:

I would love it if you could post or tweet about this and share the video.
If you can, please let me know. I am here if you have any questions. Thank
you so much.


Elizabeth Potter
Unity Productions Foundation

Dear Elizabeth:

As an American I do feel that all of those who really believe in this country, must stand up and say so. Unfortunately the Muslim community of the US has chosen to remain silent and subdued to the brethren that have no qualms in killing or slaving anybody who does not submit to Islam.
I am also an American of Spanish extraction. My ancestors from Northwest Spain fought against seven centuries (that would be seven hundred years) of Muslim Imperialism & slavery until they were expelled from the Peninsula. On 2 January 1492, Abu ‘abd-Allah Muhammad XII (or Boabdil as we call him in Spanish) was finally kicked out of Granada and Spain and the Spaniards regained their Independence. It was only then that a sailor got a chance to address the King and Queen of Spain, secure their good deeds and monies and embark on a revolutionary trip that ended on October 12, 1492 discovering the lands this side of the Atlantic: America.

Fast forward 300 years and the descendants of the same Muslims that occupied Spain are now entrenched in Northern Africa and constantly engaging and hijacking U.S. Ships, kidnapping its crews, demanding tribute (that’s protection money) and frankly behaving like terrorists. It wasn’t until basically two wars and bombarding the living daylights out of them that they finally relented and left us alone… for a while. It should be noted that we did take the higher road a couple of times, did the diplomatic thing and signed treaties that were violated by the Pashas, Beys and Deys before the ink was dry.

Fast forward another 200 years and all of the sudden our country is under attack by Muslim terrorists once again. You know, enough is enough and if the lesson needs to be re-taught, we are happy to oblige.

I see little advancement in the Muslim behavior from back then (a bit over 5 hundred years) and now. The ball was firmly placed on their side of the court on 9/11 and they still refuse to step up and do the right thing.

So, I don’t trust them and I do not buy for one millisecond this “victim” dog and pony show they are putting on. Still, I am granting your request and placing the information in this post.


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  1. Nice rebuttal. I would add that until they decide to remove the verse of the sword and all of the other passages about slaying the infidel (that’s me) and their granted permission to lie to further islam I will not trust them even a tiny bit. I know, they consider it the ultimate sin to change the koran, but that is my price for any understanding of them. I learned all I need to know about islam on 9/11.

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