Tomorrow, Armageddon

So tonight at midnight, the blueprints for the Liberator 3D gun and possibly others will be once again available to the public. Gun Control groups and other relevant idiots are making so much noise, you would think by Monday night, every gangbanger in NY or Chicago will have an untraceable mini gun or a .50 caliber sniper rifle rather than this:

Basically we are getting the plans for an 80cc bicycle 2-stroke engine and Shannon Watts swears we are getting a free Bugatti Veyron.

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      1. The principle of the original Liberator pistol from WWII was “The gun that will get you a bigger gun.” The idea was to sue it against soldiers alone , kill them and get their guns.

        At least that is the story.

  1. OMG! We are all going to DIE!

    Thank God We have many lives like a cat. In the last two years I have been told We All were Going to Die so many times,

    When Trump was Nominated.
    When Trump was Elected.
    When we withdrew from the Paris Accords.
    When we withdrew from TPP.
    When we moved our Embassy to Jerusalem.
    When the Tax Cuts were passed.
    When Trump tweeted at Kim Jong Un.
    When Trump met with Kim Jong Un.
    When Trump met Vladimir Putin and surrendered us to his handler.
    When Net Neutrality was Repealed.
    When we Put Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel.
    When we Put Tariffs on China.
    When we Put Tariffs on the EU.

    The carnage has been horrific!

    Now designs for a single shot .22 are going to kill the few remaining survivors.
    The Horror!
    The Horror…

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