Immunizations are not as simple as some make it look like and this vaccine is no exception. The fact that you will need three doses tells you that and yes, the card will be necessary because a lot of people are forgetful enough to remember the details of which dose and when was last applied.

And I am saying this as an old fart who had to travel to foreign lands in an ear where you had to have an immunization card because we were getting shots that may interact with other vaccinations. We are talking about a time when herd immunity was not yet status quo and specially for those coming from areas with endemic tropical diseases.

One of the things about a vaccination card was that you gave instant records to a treating doctor not your own about what was running inside your veins. In some cases, getting double charges of the same vaccines may end up sending you to ICU for an emergency cool down of your core because temp would spike till it killed you.

Also, some immunizations do expire in their effectiveness.  Knowing when you had yours helps to see if you need a boost if required or you are just under warranty. I am sure I have enough readers that do not remember when was the last time they had a tetanus shot and it is now expired. I know I have forgotten many times through the years only to be reminded when I need stitches at the hospital because the missus tried the new knife on my ass. (kidding) I did get my tetanus boost back in February when I went for the shingles and other stuff at my local Wally World but I could not tell you when I had one before that even under torture.

This Wuhan V. vaccine is new and we probably do not know what kind of interactions will it have, if any. Also and more than likely, you will be involved in your merry life and not paying attention to the latest edition of The Lancet so you will not know if you are in danger when taking a new prescription.

And if some non-medical place of government entity asks to see your card, you can always tell them to fuck off and go someplace else.

Of course, if you are not planning on getting the shot, then you can safely ignore this post. I won’t get mad.

PS: Some old school immunizations did not need a card or reminder. Smallpox vaccines would leave a small mark on your arm that could be seen for decades after. Mine is still visible (barely) after over half a century.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Tone down on the Covid card panic,”
  1. Your post reminded me of a humorous moment in an otherwise bleak movie called “The Devils”, which I saw in an art house theater in the early 70’s. It takes place in the Middle Ages.. During one scene, you can clearly see the smallpox vaccination scar on a woman’s arm. Hmm, was she a time traveler?

  2. It’s really no different from vaccination cards given to infants and School children however I think the fear is based upon how people believe politicians will abuse these cards

    1. The fear is based entirely upon politicians proclaiming that no one will be allowed outside or in society without one.
      Proclamations such as those deserve a horse laugh and those doing the proclaiming deserve the horse whip, just on general principle.

  3. I’ll refuse the vac. No worries.
    I refuse the flu vaccine as well. Only two times I’ve ever caught the flu, it was within two weeks of getting the vaccine each time, because the guess was wrong for what strain I’d be exposed to.
    While I haven’t officially caught La Rona yet, unofficially I had it nearly a year ago, and I have had a constant low-level exposure to it ever since, due to my work. If I ain’t already immune to it by this point, a vaccine won’t do shit.

  4. The thing about vaccination cards is that they make little sense, ever.

    Vaccines are intended to protect the person getting the shot. If I’m vaccinated (and the vaccine is effective) I don’t care if you get it or not, it doesn’t affect me.

    So why the cards?

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