After reading J. Kb’s great post, I had to add something that has been going around in my mind for a while now.

I would be a fool if I denied there has not been abuses on the weak. That is nothing that can be discussed or denied.  But it has been the Liberal Thinking that has helped produce more bullies and more sexual abusers than anything else. Free Love in the 60s? Hey ladies, you were supposed to fuck unfettered or risk being shamed as a prude who was not with the movement, right? Sex is beautiful, open your mind and your legs, don’t be square. If you feel bad, it is your fault because you are still carrying your parents wrong ideas about what a woman should be. You are a woman, hear me roar. Feminism is sex without responsibility and we want the pill and free abortions. Fucking for Peace and the end of the Vietnam war and all that other good shit.  And this is the same Feminist movement that criticized Playboy and later Hooters, but mostly because they would not submit to their bullshit.  Of course, now that Hefner died the CEO decided to go SJW and Playboy no longer publishes nudes because the idiot probably believed people bought the magazine for the articles.

Fast forward 40 years later and suddenly (just like they did with global warming/cooling) we have the #MeToo movement and its predecessor “No means No.” You raise a full generation on the principle that sex is a right to be exercised now and women must submit ’cause feminism and then flip the switch once you can see the political gain in it.

And abused women? Also became a joke. I was raised under the principle of not harming a woman in any way, shape or fashion and not to accept anybody else do the same. A wife beater deserved a long and precise tune up my kin and friends of the abuse, followed by a nice trip to court for the divorce procedure.  But this attitude was squashed by the old mantra “Violence does not solve anything” and “Let the law take care of things” which meant she was supposed to get a restraining order and hope “beloved” did not come back to finish the job because she also had to wait between 3 to 10 days to get a gun for her defense.  How many cases like this have we seen through the years with a most unpleasant ending?

And then bullying. has anybody found yet a fireproof kumbaya system to stop bullies torture other kids? I think the system is batting a huge fat zero on that one.   The only proven method to stop a bully is to confront the asshole and make him bleed if possible. How many people have repeated the same story? “I was bullied by Jimmy Nasty for years, but he quit after I broke his nose/kick him in the balls/broke his arm.”  I know it was my solution with three bullies I had: With one I lost the fight but he respected me after that. The second was sent home with nose and lips leaking red stuff and the third one, I tried to stick his head out the school bus window without lowering it first. I was told stitches were involved. There were no more attempts against my person and nobody dared to bully anybody else in front of me or they knew I would lose my composure.  But the way I did things are not approved today because it involves violence, as if there was not violence already present in the issue.

The Liberal Hive Mind works at its best when a problem needs to be fixed. And problems are not found, they are experts at creating new problems so they never run out of outrage and people-controlling solutions. If an individual managed to fix his problem without their help, by definition the individual did it wrong and must be corrected.

Teach your boy two things. First a quote from The Shootist:

I Won’t Be Wronged. I Won’t Be Insulted. I Won’t Be Laid A-hand On. I Don’t Do These Things to Other People, and I Require the Same From Them.

The second was something I was taught by my mother since I was a little kid:

Now matter how angry you get, a woman is not to be touched even with the petal of a rose.

I figure those two pretty much are enough guidelines for public behavior.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity is a Liberal product.”
  1. I agree with the first, but the second has exceptions. We’re at the point that psychotic women think they can attack any guy they want for any reason they want because nobody will fight back. I’m at the point that as far as I’m concerned anybody lays a hand on me is getting a response they won’t like, I don’t care if they’re male or female.

    1. Yup. Many years ago, my “toxic masculinity” caused me to step in and lay out much larger “man” who was beating the crap out of a woman. She promptly pulled a knife on me and attempted to stab me in the gut. I got off the line of attack by pure reflex, and with the same reflex, broke her arm, though she did get my arm with the knife. I still count it as a win, but I never turn my back on recently rescued”damsels in distress”.

  2. Let be correct that last one for modern times.
    “Now matter how angry you get, a LADY is not to be touched even with the petal of a rose.“

    Female assaliants do not get lady rights.

  3. Toxic Masculinity often happens when a boy doesn’t have any male role models to teach him the proper virtues. And without proper training, manly virtues tend to get warped and twisted into something toxic.

    And thanks to the sexual revolution, we’ve seen a lot of boys without a steady father figure in the house.

  4. Brother:

    Thumbs up on your ruminations. And about bullies. I know.

    I grew up into a 6-1″ 215 pound football player , but until 6th grade I was small. I read encyclopedias at the back of the classroom after finishing my work. I also wore glasses. Thick glasses without which I could not see – the world was merely a blur. I was constantly tormented by a buddy group of 4 or 5 . They found it entertaining. I got tripped, punched, shirt yanked out, bullied. My glasses would be taken from me and they would stand in a circle and laugh at my blind helplessness, who ever I approached to get them back would simply flip the glasses to another member of the circle. One day it dawned on me that boring in on the leader would be a better thing than fruitlessly chasing my glasses around the circle. He outweighed me and had a longer arm reach, but when he refused to give me my specs back and laughed and threw them to the next guy, I attacked. I rushed him and hit him in the face and drove him down into the dirt and I hit his face several more times before I was dragged off. . I landed blows and kicks on several others and even bit one-I was trying to tear off a chunk of meat.. The fight? I did not win, but I got some serious licks in. But they never screwed with me again-they avoided me. I had raised the cost of their ” sport” to a price they were unwilling to pay.

    I grew up and became a soldier and a student of military operations and history; and found out that in that Dallas school yard I had practiced the ” Finnish Defense Method”. The Finns eventually lost the Winter War to the Soviets, but the cost to the Reds was so extreme, they never screwed with Finland again. Russia leaves tiny Finland alone to this day.

    Kum-bah-ya does not work with bullies, it merely encourages them. The Finnish Defense Method works.

    Ideologues pushing other approaches simply want to create a society of passive victims- it advances their political ends. Nanny wont allow the children ti fight in the Nursery.
    As for the silly and untrue statement “violence never solves anything”? Robert Heinlein in his novel “Starship Troopers”, commented through one of his characters ” violence never solves anything- just ask the ghost of Adolf Hitler if that is true”. Violence certainly can solve some things.

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