Traditional Christmas Meal: Empanada Gallega.

Empanada Gallega AKA Galician Meat Pie.  It requires preparation but not like you are going to invade France.

We have two types of stuffing: Cooked pork and smoked turkey legs. Mom and the missus like turkey and I have a ban on anything with feathers as a meal, so that is the separation you will see.

Bottom (L-R) Caramelized onions, tray with bacon and real chorizo, cooked bell pepper without the skin.
Top (L-R) Pulled pork, pulled smoked turkey legs and dough stretched on cookie sheet.

Separation of Church and state right there.  That’s mom dealing with the turkey.


The caramelized onions are spread evenly all over the pie.


Next, evenly spread, chorizos and stuffed olives.  (Mom likes olives, the pie gets olives)


The wife likes bacon… you know the rest.

Last come the red bell peppers. Not my favorite, but Mom and Missus love them. Outvoted.


After that, just add the dough for the crust, seal and to the oven at 350 for 25 minutes . That is a “T” to indicate the turkey side and a wall to separate sections.  I gave it an egg wash, but it may have not needed it.





Note: the dough was made from scratch, but you can do it with the Pillsbury pizza crust and just remember to roll it. You will need more than one, trust me on that.

The meats: Season as you like. We cooked ours in a pressure cooker (not together, you degenerate!) because we knew they would come out soft, very juicy and easy to shred.

The basic Emapanada Gallega is the dough, a meat (usually pork), chorizo (if they could afford it), onions and peppers. Build it as you wish and simply enjoy the hell out of it

<burp> Sorry <burp> not sorry, actually.

PS: I forgot that some coastal Gallegos will use salted codfish rather than delicious pork and deface such a wonderful meal.

7 Replies to “Traditional Christmas Meal: Empanada Gallega.”

  1. Miguel,

    Oh, how you like to tease us! That looks delicious!

    Merry Christmas to you, and SWMBO, and your dear Mother!

    And thanks for the recipe!

  2. Here in Texas we had tamales, chili con queso, Spanish rice, tortillas and Sam Adams beer (just to mix things up). I’m not even Mexican, but we’ve had tamales every Thanksgiving and Christmas my entire life. Merry Christmas.

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