I finally finished Black Panther on Netflix.  It only took me a couple of weeks to watch it.

Birth of a Nation, Triumph of the Will, Black Panther, what do these movies have in common?

They are all egregiously racist movies that have been placed into the canon of great cinema.

At least Birth of a Nation and Triumph of the Will have great historical significance.  Black Panther is just a racist diatribe.

It is truly one of the most racist movies I have ever seen.

Here is the basics of the plot:

Wakanda is a technologically advanced African utopia based entirely on Vibranium.

Vibranium is magic.  Don’t science me, it’s magic.

Wakanda is hyper-isolationist because it has a technology monopoly that has solved all of its problems and it doesn’t want to share this with the world.

A Wakandan prince on Wakandan rumspringa falls in love with an American woman and has a kid in the 80’s.  The King of Wakanda kills the prince to keep Wakanda isolationist.

Fast forward to today.

Son of the murdered prince is Eric Killmonger.  He returns to Wakanda to kill the current king (his cousin) T’Challa.

Killmonger believes that the state of black lives all over the world, from Zimbabwean poverty to urban America is the result of white oppression.

His goal is to give Vibranium super-weapons to black people all over the world to so black people can rise up and “kill the oppressors and their children.”

Vibranium is now Zyklon B.

Killmonger defeats T’Challa, tires to export Vibranium weapons, T’Challa comes back from the dead with Vibranium magic.  Civil war ensues, T’Challa wins.

At no time does T’Challa say that the genocide of white people with Vibranium weapons is morally wrong.  His only motivation to stop Killmonger is to get his inherited throne back and make Wakanda an isolationist state again.

The 50,000 foot plot:

Leader thinks that his race of people live in poverty because of oppression and persecution and wants to wipe out the oppressor race with advanced weapons.

That pretty much the propaganda that lead to the rise of the Third Reich.

It is never condemned morally.  The Wakandans call the one white guy, CIA Agent Ross “colonizer” and tell him he can’t speak because he’s white.

The only opposition to Killmonger is that he’s an outsider.  Not a genocidal leader, just an outsider.

Killmonger believes that because black gang members are shooting each other in Chicago, all white people have to be killed by Vibranium sonic cannons, and that makes him a “profound, tragic villain.”

The movie was a CGI extravaganza with a Hitlarian plot.

This goes to show you just how around the SJW bend Hollywood as gone.  The central motivation of an entire movie is the super weapon inflicted genocide of white people and there is not one word of moral condemnation of it.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Triumph of the Panther or Birth of Wakanda”
  1. A bit of character motivation study here. “The usurper must be supplanted.” is all the excuse the main character needs to stop him, he doesn’t need higher or more moral reasons. You should note he ordered his sister to let “the colonizer” stop the initial shipment of weapons. If they were A-OK with the genocide, they would have used a slower means.

    Killmonger is the genocidal racist. I’ve read review after review from conservatives that attribute his motives to the rest of the cast which really isn’t presented. He’s also an idiot. His line about his ancestors making the “slave or drown” decision… Um. Not YOUR ancestors, son of a prince… Wakanda was never subjected to slave traders and no Wakandan came to America in chains.

    I think what’s sticking in the craw of many conservative reviewers is the idiotic ideas from Killmonger are never given any counter arguments. He makes claims which are not refuted by anyone on screen. We’re not USED to the argument against the claims of the bad-guy being silently opposed rather than hearing it spoon fed to us.

    Its a rather advanced and mature way of doing it, and it’s a COMIC BOOK movie using this narrative method.

    While I tend to defend the movie because it’s not as bad as it’s often presented, it’s not a very good film. The conceit of Wakanda isn’t very good, and everything wrong with it falls from this conceit. Originally Wakanda had to be isolationist and xenophobic to explain why they hadn’t taken over the world. Mentioned in the comics, but not in the MCU is the stark (pun) fear that Tony Stark had matched their technology, which they’d spent centuries perfecting, in just under 20 years of tinkering with his Iron Man armor. Remaining hidden in their shroud was slowly becoming no longer an option. They were toying with this storyline during Civil War, then forgot about it for Black Panther.

    1. When clowns like Maxine Waters make the “Wakanda salute”, which interpretation of the film do you think they’re celebrating?

    2. I speak for no one else, but what’s sticking in my craw about “WE WUZ KANGZ: The Motion Picture” is that this is just more agitprop from (((the usual suspects))). Its purpose isn’t even to make money–remember, for (((them))), money isn’t the object in and of itself, but, rather, power and resources.

      The timing of its release makes it obvious that the purpose is to give “de community” something to be excited about, a rallying point, in an election year where the Democrats desperately need people who pay no taxes and who vote for a living to shuffle into the voting booths again and press the big shiny button with the “D” on it in greater numbers than they’ve been doing since the curtain came down on the Kenyan’s comical administration.

      And it’s 100% agitprop, make no mistake. It’s created from the ground up so that “de community,” with their risible “WE WUZ KANGZ” fantasies of Pharaohs in blackface, will eat it up with a spoon. A non-trivial number will leave the theaters and then bash in the skulls of the first honkeys they see, of course, as is usual whenever this kind of thing hits the theaters, but the producers will not be charged with incitement to riot, much less manslaughter . See also, “Roots.” See also, “Amistad.” “Black powah! Kill Whitey! WE WUZ KANGZ!”

      With the passage of each year I become less confident that we’re going to be able to vote our way out of this. Got ammo?

      1. Bravo on having the balls to do the (((Jew))) thing in the comments of a post written by a Jewish gun owner.

        Balls? Yes. Brains? No.

    3. I understand your argument. But movies intended for mass consumption are not known for their subtlety. That’s why the bad guy always has to slap around a woman and kick a puppy and take candy from a baby, so that we KNOW he is the bad guy.

      Not coming out and saying “maybe going on a vibranium powered genocide of the majority population of the US is just wrong” is subtle to the point of non-existent in cinema. Even Agent Ross didn’t say it.

      That may not be tacit support for idea, but silence of the condemnation of it is loud. Especially after all the moralizing that went on in Age of Ultron and Civil War.

      1. How is the closing scene of the movie for subtlety then? You know the one where they are in the UN saying we need to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity by focusing on what is the same between us not what the differences are. I’d say that’s pretty bluntly said and is essentially a complete refitation of identity politics, that part more subtle.

        I went into this movie having read all these reviews like this and found most had overblown the severity in my oponion and actually thought the movie was much better than I expected.

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