Sandy Hook Gun Lawsuit to Be Dramatized in Limited Series

A lawsuit brought by families of Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting victims against a gun manufacturer will be the subject of a limited series project.

Echo Lake Entertainment (Hulu’s The Great, The Girl From Plainville) is producing the project from Robin Swicord (When They See Us, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Sarah Koskoff (Hello I Must Be Going) and Echo Lake’s Mary Jane Skalski, with consultation from several families involved in the suit.

The limited series will tell the story of how nine Sandy Hook families sued to hold Remington Arms — at the time of the mass shooting owned by venture capital firm Cerberus Capital Management —accountable for manufacturing and marketing the assault rifle used in the shooting. Josh Koskoff took the case, knowing nothing about guns or gun laws, and despite dire warnings from the legal community that the case was doomed. Remington and the families settled the case in February 2022, with the arms maker agreeing to pay $73 million and releasing thousands of internal documents from the years leading up to the December 2012 mass murder.

“This is a series about accountability,” said Swicord. “As a society, we are used to seeing the largest corporations shield themselves from liability. But these Sandy Hook families found a lawyer who had as much fight in him as they had and who was undaunted by the roadblocks they faced. What [Josh] Koskoff and the families found through research, discovery and industry whistleblowers revealed how Wall Street greed drives big business no matter the human cost.”

The lawsuit was bullshit that a very politically partisan judge should have dismissed, but didn’t, because it was an endrun around the PLCAA.

The settlement was forced by Remington’s insurance carriers, and never should have been allowed to happen.

They arr going to docudrama this up into a David vs Goliath whete Goliath is literally the merchant of death, while there was never any evidence that Adam Lanza ever saw the Bushmaster ad at the heart of the lawsuit or that it was that ad that made him kill his own mother, steal her gun, and murder a bunch of children.

Buy in the world of the anti-gun Left, Remington is worse than Lanza.  Lanza was a victim of an evil gun corporation’s desire for money.

Frankly, I have no desire to be one of the villains in a made for TV anti-gun Erin Brockovichesque series.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Triumph of the Will against Remington”
  1. While I can appreciate the desire of the insurance companies to settle, it did set a dangerous precedent.

  2. Kolin Kapernick as executive producer, maybe? Seems he’s doing that now, having run out the act elsewhere.

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