Bernie Sanders is like the Pied Piper for Left-leaning American Jews.

At a town hall, he was asked how his Jewish heritage impacted his politics:

That is an absolute dog-shit answer.  Total fucking dog-shit.

Like so many modern, Progressive Jews, he defines Judaism with the Holocaust because it gives Jews victim status.

He doesn’t talk about actual Jewish principles or values.

I would have answered question talking about the principles of tzedakah, the Hebrew word for charity.  In Judaism, there is a hierarchy for tzedakah.  While it is always good to give charity, some forms are better.

For example, it’s always better to give anonymously and take no credit.  If you give charity, but you do so because you want to be invited to a gala and given a humanitarian award, yes you did good, but you did it for the wrong reason.  Giving anonymously removes the temptation to give charity for selfish reasons.

The highest forms of tzedakah are tzedakah once given makes the recipient no longer dependent on tzedakah.  Often this is described as providing an education, teaching job skills, giving a no-interest business loan, or a business partnership.

Our ancient sages were aware of the welfare trap and guided us trying to avoid it.  I would apply those same Jewish principles to our economy and welfare state.

The idea is to elevate people off welfare by helping them with job skills so they can attain dignity through work – also a Jewish principle, it was ours long before the Protestants got ahold of it and called it the Protestant work ethic.

Sanders’s brand of tax the rich and give handouts to the poor is the antithesis of the values of tzedakah.  It creates a dependent class, stripped of their dignity.

His values are not Jewish values.  They are socialist values that he calls Jewish values.

We can prove this because, like all socialist leaders, anti-Semitism runs deep among his followers.

After this town hall, this is the asshole he promoted to the role of Senior Advisor.

Another piece of shit who fits right in with Linda Sarsour, Tamika Maloy, Ilhan Omar, and other grotesque intersectional Jew-haters who want to destroy Israel.

The CliffsNotes of being Jewish is:

God picked us to be His chosen people and live according to the Ten Commandments and 613 Mitzvot, and be exemplars of how God wants man to live on Earth.  It’s a duty and a burden.  In exchange for that burden, God has given us the land of Israel as our sacred birthright for eternity.   That is the covenant.  Every Jewish male renews this covenant at eight days old, in foreskin, with the Brit Milah which literally means “covenant of circumcision.”

If you reject the burden of living according to the Ten Commandments and 613 Mitzvot or you reject that the land of Israel as our sacred birthright for eternity, then you’ve broken the convent and ergo you have abandoned Jewish values.

How could Sander’s embrace his “Jewish heritage” and allow him to surround himself with Jew-haters who want to destroy Israel?

He can’t.  Anti-Zionism and Jewish principles are antithetical.

He’s not Jewish in any actual practicing way.  His Jewish identity goes as far as some distant relative of his was killed in the Holocaust.  But since that’s how so many modern Progressive Jews define their Jewish identity, they will follow Bernie Sanders into the consequences of Trotsky’s law.

They will be “Jews” who support socialism long enough to put socialism into power, at which point the guns will be turned on them.

Sanders is Pied Piper who will lead young Progressive Jews to their deaths.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Trotsky Sanders is going to get American Jews killed”
  1. Actually, tzedahah has the same root as tzedek. It’s used for “charity,” but can also be said to mean “riteousness.” And it’s crap from progressive pseudo-Jews, and the antisemitism they champion, that gets me wearing a Zelman Partisans kippah and carrying concealed when I chant the Akedah from the bimah on Rosh Hashana. As I’ve told our rabbi, I’m a conservative Jew. Unfortunately, even in our Conservative congregation, there are too few of us.

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