Trump Baby Balloon comes out as pathetic.

Oh my hell, Britain. I’m watching the news, and all this hype over your Trump Baby Balloon, and the pics beforehand it’s gonna be like this massive blimp towering over Big Ben, because YOU ARE SO EDGY! And in reality all you actually made was that tiny little thing? Sad!
In America, I’ve got a 20 foot tall inflatable Santa Claus I blow up just for Christmas.
This is what happens to a country after it bans guns. Next thing you know you can’t even own butter knives and your balloons are all shit
Larry Correia

And he is not wrong.

That is pitiful. Couldn’t they get a loan and order a bigger one?  This is the country with Pink Floyd and its infamous Pig balloon that ended up being the cover of the album Animals and it was brought back for the 30th anniversary of the album’s release.


At the end of the day, it just reminds me of a cheap adverting balloon you see in front of used car dealerships.

But hay, at least floating baby Trump does not have a pointy/stabby end that would make it dangerous.

2 Replies to “Trump Baby Balloon comes out as pathetic.”

  1. This is one of those protest that says more about the protestors than it does the target of the protest.
    And it’s… pretty much not all that complementary.

  2. And let’s not even talk about what the guy in front looks like he’s … um … engaging with the balloon is doing.

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