Trump Derangement Syndrome in “Art” Form

Seen in twitter as per @awaken-to-maga

One Grand Gallery (1000 E Burnside Street, Portland OR 97214) posted this in their window. (971) 266-4919

It is Portland, so you know they are full for the mass murders and free train tickets going East for anybody not politically at the left of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky.

If I had something to give as prize, I’d start a contest among the readers to have them create their interpretation of David Hogg in “art” form and publish them here.
Can you imagine the shit storm and accusations? I bet his security team would be upgraded to al least 6 Bloomberg-Paid bodyguards.

Let’s face it: “If” is no longer in consideration, we are just waiting for the “When.”


3 Replies to “Trump Derangement Syndrome in “Art” Form”

  1. Remember, a mentally ill British illegal alien came very, very close to assassinating Trump during the campaign. Had he researched retention holsters, he may well have been successful.

    And that was before 18 months of this nonstop hysteria

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