Trump should help

Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro claims that an explosion near a speech he was giving was an assassination attempt with a drone.

Fire officials say that it was a gas tank explosion at a nearby apartment was the cause, but being a dictator, Maduro is using this as an excuse to crack down on any opposition.

He has called on Trump to help.

I agree, Trump should help… the people of Venezuela.

I suggest Trump provide the anti-Maduro resistance with some JDAMs, they are far more accurate than a homemade drone bomb.

4 Replies to “Trump should help”

  1. We’ve been there, done that, and had nothing but troubles for our pain. All. Over. The. Globe.

    The older I get, the more non-interventionalist I get.

  2. I think a private effort — private charity, not government activity — to send a boatload of scoped hunting rifles with ammo to Venezuela would be a very good thing.

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